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Old 04-02-2009, 05:06 PM
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Default Urgh bad walk.

Beautiful day today so I took Sierra for a walk earlier than I normally do. I figured it was early enough we might miss the people out after work with their dogs by the river, and I really wanted to walk that way since we usually avoid it and it's SUCH a pretty walk.

Bad idea.

I may have missed the work crowd, but I definitely didn't miss the students with off leash and untrained dogs who have lots of free time since it's exam season. Yippie. (I have to add here, this is NOT an dog park, just a regular park, off leash is not allowed and there are signs all over stating just that).

Noticed all of the dogs seemed to be on one side of the park, so we started off in the other direction. One of the dogs spotted us, and started tear-assing over. I hollered to the people (who were oblivious to this) to GET THEIR DOG, and they started trying to call him over. He of course, had NO recall. Thankfully the guy ran over when he saw that Sierra was freaking out and snarling and I was trying to frantically walk her AWAY from the dog charging at us. I felt bitchy for telling them off, but at the same time, didn't at all. I said "There are leash laws for a reason you know. She's not good with other dogs, and if he had come charging into her face she may have bitten him, would you want that? NO? Neither would I!"

So frustrating too, since Sierra has been doing SO much better with her dog issues, and I feel like I failed her by putting her in that situation

Julia: Mom to Sierra (adorable mutt - Basset x Cattledog is our best guess these days) Buddy (noisy but awesome DSH tabby cat) and Carter (adorable human baby) RIP Nya 1994(?) - 2010
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Old 04-02-2009, 05:52 PM
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Aww, Nilla. I hate that feeling, after a bad walk... it's the worst.

Don't blame yourself. You weren't the one breaking laws. And, at least the owners had enough sense to actually come for their dogs, and prevent them from getting in Sierra's face. It could have been much worse! I highly recommend calling AC/park services and complaining. Just the presence of authority could make them think twice about allowing their dogs free run of the park.

Ugh. It really sucks when your own work with your dogs is set back by the carelessness of other people. The ONLY trail that we can walk on around here is frequented by a fat, nasty b!tch of a chihuahua/something weird mix who is always off-leash and literally attacks my dogs. Like, hangs from their faces. Gonzo and Fozzie used to be happy to meet any little dog on-leash, but now they get very worked up and defensive, so thanks to that amazing dog I have to walk them seperately. It takes a lot for me not to kick her owner in the ovaries.

<3 Erica, Gonzo & Fozzie
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