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Old 04-04-2009, 11:49 AM
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I agree. It's not the wet factor, but something else probably. Good advice from Lizzy, as usual.
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Old 04-04-2009, 01:13 PM
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ok ok i think i need to clarify this the wet food is a medical food it is a recovery formula for anorexic dogs and cats or ones that are sick and you need to tube feed them.

i also only mix about a teaspoon in it to 1/3 cup of kibble and add some of his water w/corn syrup and he eats a bit then it gets compact and i have to keep mixing up.
also this food is very wet and very well blended it has to be for tube feeding so you don't need much.

also that much food will last him 2-3 days if i left it that long maybe more so he eats next to nothing!!!

i also do give him human food i cook for him actually and i have tried to mix it in with his kibble i have tried beef and chicken stock and he WON'T TOUCH IT the only way i can get him to eat it is with the recovery formula wet food.

dry i have to sit there and play with it on the floor and he might eat a few pieces.

he WILL NOT touch the royal canin that's why he didn't eat for three days.

i hate the idea of him eating science diet i know it's crap food but if it is all he will eat right now i have to feed him it.

i tried to feed him some pieces of nutrum kibble today and nothing i am waiting to get a sample pack of wellness and any other high end and possibly grain free kibble.

but as i had said before until i find a brand he likes and will eat dry i have to keep doing what i am doing and feed him that crap food........i wish i had another choice but that's why i came on here to ask for idea's.

i feel i have tried everything i need something new other then what i have done.......sorry if i sound frustrated but i am and he keeps me worried with his eating.

i have never had a dog like this before.................

anyways here is a picture of my picky little monkey

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Old 04-04-2009, 02:41 PM
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Right now I would make sure he's eating. At least something. Gradually put in some of the food you want him on.
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