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Old 10-08-2004, 08:08 AM
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Default Hammie and separation anxiety....again..

OK...he has always been such a 'momma's boy'. Since his neutering (and, yes, I babied him shamefully) he has become so very attached to me. I don't mind, except now he is only happy when inside with me.....or outside..IF with me. When I put him in the pen he paces or just sulks in the dog house. Basically, he just WAITS and is unhappy. He used to spend this time playing with Addie..not anymore. I put them outside for a few hours every day when the weather is wonderful...they used to play and seemed so happy. Then, inside they would come and I spent the time grooming them and fussing over them. Addie ALWAYS wants to go back outside (she is like it indoors) I like them to have outside time because I am trying to train them that this is where they play the house you behave. It's a large pen, so I like them to exercise. I need them to be used to the pen because I may go back to work..and I need them to be used to being out there for the afternoon. FORGET about Ham going outside at night.......yes, I admit...he has won that battle. I don't mind that cause I feel secure with him inside and he sleeps under the bed so it isn't an issue. BUT........I feel so bad cause he just is soooooooooooooooooooo unhappy when away from the house, and it's only a few hours a day. Should I just ignore this? It makes me feel bad. So, I need to know what to do.........should I just continue to put him outside, ignore his unhappiness, for the good of the routine? I guess I need help to make ME feel better. LOL (hope this makes sense....I need more
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Old 10-08-2004, 08:23 AM
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Debi, Hammie is such a good trainer! He probably deserves an Oscar for his acting, too.

Make it a big deal and exciting for him to got outside to the pen and leave him there at regular intervals. After a nap is a good time; he'll be ready to play. At some point he'll have to give in and start playing with Addie again. He just needs time to forget that he's sulking and to think that you're not watching. Trust me, when he thinks you're gone, he's not going to keep up the "poor little abandoned doggie" routine for very long. Addie's not going to let him do it long, either. She'll get tired of his moping and aggravate him until he straightens out.

Male dogs, in my experience, seem to be much more dependent than most females. I won't editorialize on that . . .
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