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Old 01-25-2009, 05:30 PM
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everything I have researched about tame wolves and crosses is that they are not likely to start fights (fighting is a dangerous route to take.. domestic animals often can afford to fight) Now I have heard of some of these wolves and crosses finishing fights.

I have heard of dogs having a HUGE issue with them. It is a problem from what I have read with the Inuit crossing wolf into sled dogs. The regular dogs will pack up and kill them.
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Old 01-25-2009, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Dekka View Post

I have heard of dogs having a HUGE issue with them. It is a problem from what I have read with the Inuit crossing wolf into sled dogs. The regular dogs will pack up and kill them.
I wonder why that is????

I def think he looks like a wolf. He is very hansom though!
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Old 01-25-2009, 05:43 PM
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That is the most wolfy looking dog I've ever seen if it isn't a wolf or hybrid...

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Old 01-25-2009, 05:45 PM
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I would have to agree, certainly looks like at the very least a coyote cross if not a wolf. Up here our coyotes are a lot bigger than the ones in AZ, so my guess would also be wolf.

As for his behaviour, the OP said he didn't play, and he would grab for the throat..................
Also look at the tail and the way it hangs, up here that is classic for a coyote.
I also would love to know if it was part wolf or coyote.
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Old 01-25-2009, 11:10 PM
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I was thinking coyote too. I have seen a lot of coyotes out here that look just like that, there was actually one in my neighborhood not too long ago.

I would prob bet more on coyote mix than wolf mix come to think of it.

he was gorgeous, and the "dog" played some but they liked to hike through the revine that is right next to the park and were stopping in with some friends.

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Old 01-26-2009, 12:24 AM
Phoenixangelwyngs Phoenixangelwyngs is offline
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I don't know what he is but he's GORGEOUS! I want I want I want!!

Thanks to Sizzledog for le Siggy D'AWESOME!
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Old 01-26-2009, 12:45 AM
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I believe it goes by state as to what percentage of wolf a dog can be.
My parents are friends with someone in a different state that breed wolf hybrids. Though b/c they are native american and live on a reservation they own a full blooded wolf that they sire the pups with.

I never met their dogs, just them. Though my parents visited and they were impressed by how well behaved their dogs were.

Though we were offered a lil Blue eyed wonder as a gift. due to our other animals we declined. It would have been neat, but not really in the best interest of our animals, or the Pup.

Personally If the dog isnt causing problems I woulded cause any problems for the lady. B/c not only could she be fined but also the "dog" could be taken away and Euthanized.

Though if your worried you could voice your opinion to the "dogs" owner. hopefully she is understanding of your worries.

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Old 01-26-2009, 01:16 AM
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I've seen a few wolf-dogs who look really, really high content at the dog park. All of them have been very skittish, and the two I see most often are dragging long lines the whole time.

What I would be MOST worried about is prey drive. D: A wolf is naturally going to have tons of prey drive, and that could mean death for a small dog that happens to run by and trigger it. I don't feel comfortable seeing any dogs at the dog park who obviously exhibit prey drive... unless they're muzzled. Even in the "big dog" side, I see lots of Chis and JRTs and other little dogs.

<3 Erica, Gonzo & Fozzie
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Old 01-26-2009, 12:14 PM
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It,certainly,does look like a wolf or hybrid and a gorgeous one,at that!.
Grabbing another dog by the throat is,also,done by dogs so it doesn't really mean anything!.
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Old 01-26-2009, 12:23 PM
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I see more coyote than wolf actually. Next to that Beagle and Golden, he looks quite small. Actual wolves are I believe quite sizeable animals with long legs....built a lot like Cleo but shorter in body. The curl to the tail also makes me think of a dog rather than a wolf. It's paws also look so dainty and a coyotes...not a wolf's.

I would imagine it is a coydog. It's face look like an Alaskan friends dog...and she's coyote and Elkhound I think.
Gina H.
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