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Old 01-19-2005, 06:29 PM
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I think they are gorgeous and the ones I've know have been real "ladys"
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Old 01-20-2005, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Renee750il
Brattina, I'm surprised at you! I expected more fireworks!

Oh!!! I wish you could see this! Shiva is laying upside down - on her head - curled over kind of sideways with that big butt in the air, paws waving, skin all wrinkled up on her forehead making Wookie noises to get attention. She really sounds exactly like Chewbacca! (ROFLMAO)

Oh Reneee, I wish you had a video tape of Shiva doing that? ROFLMAO
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Old 01-21-2005, 11:51 AM
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Heaven help me if Shiva ever discovers herself on video! She's already a camera hog. All I have to do is pick up the camera and she positions herself in front of everyone else . . . We really do need to get a digital video cam though. We've been thinking about using the dogs in some of Charley's TV ads for the furniture store.
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Old 01-21-2005, 09:51 PM
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Hi i'm new here and I have to say I am proud to be a cocker spaniel owner I couldn't ask for a more sweeter cocker then Molly, I get tried of reading all the bad things people say about cockers like they are mean, dumb and they will bite. My Molly is so child like and she's a little clown, I have never heard her growl at anything.

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Old 01-22-2005, 05:23 AM
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HUm... I didn't hear about that. Ive only heard that cockers get pretty lazy. DOn't know if that's true?
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Old 01-22-2005, 11:50 AM
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I've heard that Cockers can be mean and nasty, but I hold the owners responsible, not the breed. If somebody wants a sweet, small dog that loves everybody and gets along well with other animals, but is big enough for kids, the Cocker is the first thing that comes to my mind. (That and the Poodle. lol)
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Old 01-28-2005, 01:30 PM
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You know, as I'm looking at pics of other Cockers, Sadie, my black cocker spaniel, doesn't have that long nose/snout look?? Makes me wonder. Anyway, she's a doll. She goes in for her yearly check up and shots soon and I know my vet is going to say she's a bit overweight.
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