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Old 01-14-2009, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Doberluv View Post
So, I'd stop her and back up a few steps as in...."You jig... you loose forward motion. We aren't going anywhere" Well, it didn't take long for her to jig, then stop, back up all on her own without by cuing her to stop and back up. It seemed that she learned that she could get to do this fun, fun thing, the little hopping jig thing as long as she stopped and backed up as part of the deal. It got very annoying, so I had to find some other creative ways to get around that. LOL.

This is really the most common result I see from the stop and back up method and Duke does it all of the time, he pulls, and the instant I stop hes already backing up. While attending the puppy camp that Susan Garret taught awhile back she also commented on this method and that eventually most animals will become accustomed to the stopping and pulling back as a part of their normal walk and keep on pulling.

I have one ex-coworker who is currently going through my model for the pulling dog rehab class and we have been attacking the pulling from a few ends. Installing a strong automatic sit was one of the first things we did as even if your dog walks beautifully if she/he cant sit and stay when someone approaches your going to run into problems maintaining that loose lead. We also installed a you can look at it but you cant have it reflex by adapting the "look at that game" from CU for high arousal situations on walks, like a dog walking across the street or a squirel or bike or whatever. Next class we will start the things from the video but all in all her boy Jake a six month old mustenlander has really made a ton of progress.

I also had a couple with a 4 month old pug start with me last night and I had them start the process in their flat by clicking when their pug hit the end of the lead, very quickly she was responded to the pressure by coming back to her mom, the biggest challenge of course is generalizing it to all situations and all arousal levels. I have another ex-coworker signing up as guinee pig specifically to work on the pulling dog rehab course with me so I will share more updates (and maybe some videos with her permission).

Thanks again for sharing the video Doc, I almost completely forgot about Dog star daily for awhile.
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