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Old 01-01-2010, 08:08 PM
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Originally Posted by SpikedMarkus View Post
Me with Pepe (Bichon Frise), she was born in October 87' then I was born 2 months later so we really grew up together. I was sick a lot as a child and Pepe would always be lying in bed or on the sofa next to me. She had such a loveable and cheeky personality, always mischievous. She had to be put to sleep aged 14 after developing heart and kidney failure and pleural effusion. We had her cremated and her box/urn is in our living room, we'll never forget her.

How neat my bichon's name is Pepe!

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Old 01-25-2010, 09:12 PM
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Oh, I'll have to scour my house for some old pictures of my childhood friends. For now I will just tell you about them.

My first pet was a dog that my grandmother bought for me when I was a year old. His name was Toby and he was a wire hair fox terrier. I couldn't have asked for a better friend. When I got old enough I became responsible for all of his grooming and feeding and general care. I learned a lot about dogs through him. I taught him all of his basic obedience and tricks with baby carrots.
He had to be pts at the age of twelve when one morning we discovered a giant lump in his mouth on his upper gums. It was the size of a kiwi and hadn't been there the night before. We took him to the vet and received the worst news imaginable. He had cancer. He was PTS. I still miss him.

My next pet was a parakeet named Beaker. We made the mistake of not clipping her wings and she got out the door one day and never came back.
Then I had Red and Grey. Both kittens that I had found under my grandmother's shed. Grey was eating by a coyote at the age of two and Red is still kicking at a very old age.

That's it for my childhood friends. I hope that I can find some pictures to share with everyone.
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Old 01-30-2010, 01:48 AM
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Oliver, Georgia, Bales, Elly, Molly, Kita & Jazz.







You never know how strong you are until strength is the only option you have left.

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Old 01-30-2010, 01:51 AM
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Bales, Oliver, Elly, Molly, Georgia, Layla.





You never know how strong you are until strength is the only option you have left.

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Old 02-08-2010, 12:12 AM
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It's good that you have shared your childhood memoirs with us through these awesome photos. You looks pretty and cute in childhood. Photos is a nice way to keep our memories safe.
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Old 02-12-2010, 08:52 PM
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Default Nicky!

My childhood dog Nicky:

Me and Nicky pretend to be?? lol. I guess I was 8 or so here:

I had more childhood pets but the pics of them are here and there. I found these in an old breed themed photo album.
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Old 04-11-2010, 07:29 PM
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I don't have a picture online of Amber, my first dog. She was a lanky (really really really poorly bred) yellow lab who I ADORED.

Next up came Snowpuff. A maltese x poodle we bought at a pet store. Never let a 7 year old name their dog okay? Or at least retain the right to veto stupid names like Snowpuff He was put down when I was 21.

(The only pictures I have online are digital ones taken about a year before he died. He was overweight, and had a raging eye infection at the time, so not his best).

Then came Snap. My grandpa's GSD. He ended up being re-homed to the trainer grandpa had been working with by the age of 4. He was just too protective and grandpa couldn't properly manage it. I really missed him. He was a fantastic dog with anyone he considered family.

(picture of a picture)

And the cats. I don't have any of TC. He was my step-mom's cat before she and my dad got married. He died when I was 12. Orange and white tabby cat who was GRUMPY.

Boots came next. We got him the summer I was 13. He was a stray at our cottage and we took him in.

He's still alive, lives with my parents. I figure he's about 14 years old.

And dear Puss. (Yes, we had Puss and Boots). Puss was my baby. I adored this cat. He passed away just before Thanksgiving in my first year of University. He was only about 10 at the time. He got sick suddenly and I didn't make it home to say goodbye before he died.

(Picture of a picture, but it's by far my favourite photo of him EVER.)

Edit to add another of Puss:

I seriously miss this cat.

Julia: Mom to Sierra (adorable mutt - Basset x Cattledog is our best guess these days) Buddy (noisy but awesome DSH tabby cat) and Carter (adorable human baby) RIP Nya 1994(?) - 2010
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Old 04-11-2010, 08:26 PM
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I don't have any pictures but I will definitely share my stories with everyone!

The earliest dog I remember was Nahimana, which is Sioux for "mystic". She was a Siberian husky, a beautiful red and white girl with the deepest chocolate brown eyes. She had a gentle disposition minus she was afraid of men due to a complete accident. My uncle had fallen on her on accident when she was very young and after that she just didn't like men. She passed away when I was around 10 or 11, shortly after my grandmother passed.

Shadow - Shadow was another of my moms huskies, she passed away around 6 months old when she was let out on the chain to go potty and my neighbors pulled her stake from the ground, she hung herself up on our old boy Teddy and was found being drug by him. No no one witnessed this all happening, the neighbors told us they let her go because she was whining

Teddy - Teddy was a big old boy, I remember more about Nahimana then him which is why she is mentioned first. Teddy was a wolfXcollie mix that my uncle rescued off the side of the road when he was a puppy, knowing he couldn't get away with just bringing him home and grandma letting him keep him he took him home and laid him in bed with grandma, she fell in love. This was before I was born, Teddy was a very protective dog and did not take kindly to fighting. He would bark and snarl if someone tried to hit me or anyone else or even pretended to. He passed away when I was 5.

Perdita - Perdy was a Dalmation. She was a beautiful girl but I don't remember to much she passed away when I was 9.

Shadow - Shadow followed me home when I was about 10, despite the signs I put up she was never claimed and so I was allowed to keep her, she was a purebred (from what we could tell) beagle. And she was my shadow. One day I went to get the mail for my mom and she escaped, looking for me....I was never able to find her again.

Rebel - Rebel was my grandmothers dog and when my grandmother passed away I was given the responsibility to take care of her. One day she got away and we never found her again. This was while I was at school.

Cherokee - Cherokee was with us for 3 years she was a purebred, papered rottwieler. She was my step dads dog and was highly overprotective of us. She was poisoned on 2/20/2006 when someone broke into our house, stole many things of value and set the house on fire.

Sheva - My first dog, she was an American Pit Bull Terrier/Rhodesian Ridgeback. She was the sweetest dog ever and oh so easy to train. She was let go on 4/5/08 she was dying from cancer and I let her go peacefully.
Originally Posted by zoom
Only If You Double Dare Promise....

Thanks K9Krazee!

Click Please>
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Old 04-11-2010, 10:05 PM
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(Apology for the awful pictures in advance)

I consider Harley a childhood pet. He's elderly now, we got him when I was six. He was my first Rottie. Due to a long, complicated family situation he's living with someone else and isn't getting the best care.

Here's Harley and Millie a couple years ago.

And when he was younger, when another childhood Rottie. I think she passed away just before I joined Chaz. She was a Very Good Dog.

Harley again

More Rosie

My kitty, Socks.

Socks getting bathed by my grandma. (Notice my grandparents' extensive alcohol collection/bar, rofl.)

Unfortunately there are some I don't have a picture of.

Sparky, my Jack Russell Terrier. He jumped the wall once, ran into the golf course, grabbed the ball of the tee, and ran around the course with it, lol.

Sam and Jenny, two Lhasa Apsos who were adults by the time I was born. Jenny was a snarky little thing. Sam wasn't allowed inside at night, and countless times I snuck out into the backyard and slept with him out there.

Slayer, Harley's sire. His name was a great way to make a good image for the breed, eh?
He was trained and excelled in every part of Schutzhund. He was a terrific dog.

At one point when living with my dad we had 7 cats, but only Socks was mine.
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Old 06-22-2010, 11:51 PM
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One of my "childhood" pets who just passed away less then 3 months ago (I look so bad, I was 8 or 9)

We got Seven when I was 5 or 6 I think. She's still alive

Seven and Anna

Before them I had 4 other dobes, 2 whippets, and a cat. Can't find picturs of them though.
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