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Old 12-12-2008, 11:01 AM
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Thanks everyone, I do feel very lucky to have them both! Lyra is proving to be a bit of a challenge (both through sheer stubbornness and her health issues) but I wouldn't trade her for anything. Cheza wasn't much of a cuddler, so having Lyra wedge herself into my lap at every given opportunity is a new (and good!) feeling.

Of course I love my "big momma" too There's just such a personality difference between them. She's been very good at filling the big sister role, although we do have an issue now and again with some posessive behavior. There are times she just wants to be left alone to chew on something and Lyra will pitter-patter up and try to get her to play, she can get a bit snarky. In that case we will remove the toy and split them up for a bit so Cheza can escape Lyra's constant need to play. I don't blame her... the puppy can be insatiable.

Shadow - I guess I wasn't aware of how high they could jump, because Cheza was very good about respecting gates and just... never jumped them. The little one is, exactly as you stated, "boundaries be damned" lol. I don't encourage it either but my goodness she can be a strong-willed little snot! She has actually broken out of her kennel three times. The last time she popped the top off of it. She is very respectful of the house (an accident near the door but nothing destroyed) but still... lol.

Every day I look at her I seriously have to think for a moment.. where did my puppy go?! She's growing up so fast, I can see the "dog" in her now, the "puppy" is slipping away.

Red - that picture makes me laugh every time that I look at it, it just exemplifies her personality perfectly. She's such a goofball.

I'm sorry, I rambled, I'm just so happy I have them both
Old lady dog Cheza, silly midlife deaf dog Lyra, the mother Nel, and her baby, SQL.
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Old 12-13-2008, 04:48 PM
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Where is the puppy you brought home and WHEN did you get that huge second dog!?!

She has gotten so BIG!!! And gorgeous! I love both of your dogs they are just so gorgeous! I can have? lol jk but they are really gorgeous, we need more pics!
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