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Old 11-23-2008, 10:52 AM
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Default dogs with MANY medical issues

Ruckus has many medical problems. I got him from a breeder who used to show, but she got out of it and still bred.

Ruckus has skin irritations. He is allregic to grass!
He has a senstive stomach and chronic colitis
He has behavior problems out the wazooo! (aggression, etc) and we have been to 3 diffrent trainers! He is even on medication for his anxiety
and since I have had him he has had 3 urinary infections (he is 2 and 1/2)
now we found out that he has compressed vertibres in his lower back!!!

Does your dog have a combo or health problems? if so were they a rescue or from a breeder? Show breeder, hobbies breeder etc.
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Old 11-23-2008, 11:46 AM
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My family bought a six months old pomeranian from a newspaper. It was an "oops" litter between the mother breeding with one of her pups.

My pom had:
Behavioral issues (fear aggressive with everything)
Irritated skin
Constant diarrhea
Puked daily
Severe hip displaysia
Patellar luxation in both knees
Visual impairment
Frequent seizures
And she ended up getting put to sleep at the age of 11 for cancer.

Right from the get go, she was a bundle of problems. Learned my lesson for sure and got my next dog from a good breeder. Somehow I even flubbed up on that one though

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Old 11-23-2008, 12:06 PM
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Thunder - was an "oops" pup, but is purebred German Shepherd as far as we can tell.
- He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at around 8 months old. His sister that a friend of mine had, ended up with a full hip replacement at 7 months old. Thunder's isn't that bad, and is controlled with medication.
- He also has chronic ear infections.

Scooter - was a "free to good home" puppy, he was being kept outdoors with no shelter in mid January... temps were below zero here. It was awful. His mom, I was told, is a Beagle/Sheltie mix, and dad was unknown.
- When I got him, he was 6 weeks old, he had Coccidia and worms.
- At 3 months old, he had a seizure. Only had one, never had another.
- Around 4 months old, he spent 4 days at the vet for an unknown infection. Vet thought Parvo, but tests were negative and his blood count ruled out Parvo. They never figured out what it was, but he bounced back quickly.
- Then the stomach issues started. He has to eat the same kind of food, any variation and he has problems.
- Then, around 8 months old, he developed another infection (yes, again, unknown). Took him to two different vets who said "seems like Parvo, but blood count and tests say it's not". Another round of antibiotics and he was fine after a couple days.
- Not long after that he had three UTIs within a couple months of each other.

He'll be 2 in December, and *knock on wood* hasn't had any problems now for nearly a year.

Juno - another "oops" puppy, a cross between Dachshund and Beagle. She's 8 months old now.
- She had one seizure when she was about 3-4 months old I think, hasn't had one since.
- We discovered this summer that she's highly allergic to some kind of weed that grows in our backyard... to the point that she had to be nearly shaved, aggressively medicated, and kept out of the weeds. We never did figure out exactly what caused it.

Emmy's only big problem is her ongoing skin issues due to her life before I got her. And Penny doesn't have any health problems, just plenty of behavioral ones!
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Old 11-23-2008, 01:45 PM
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Thankfully...... none to speak of.

She's a crossbred oops litter who had no health testing, nada, nothing.
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Old 11-23-2008, 02:15 PM
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The first poodle my family got when I was young was from a BYB... we didnt know any better and we thought the fact that it came from a "breeder" was so much better then a pet store.

She had stomach problems her whole life, we basically got used to cleaning up vomit and moving on.
She went to the vet multiple times a year for violent vomiting/diarhea episodes and nothing could ever be done.
She went blind very young... Retinal Atrophy not cataracts so there was nothing to be done for her.
Skin Issues/Allergic Reactions
BAD teeth
had multiple fatty tumors removed
ear infections were a given
Aggression issues with strangers and other dogs.
She was put to sleep at age 11 from cancer

She was an amazing, loving dog with us... it was so sad to see her suffer all the time.
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Old 11-23-2008, 03:48 PM
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Mini is as healthy as can be. She is of unknown parentage but appears to be pure beagle. She had one nearly fatal bout of hemorrhagic enterocolitis, but has been fine ever since that nightmare.

Uncle Fred is also of unknown parentage but is clearly not only a purebred Treeing Walker Coonhound, but a nicely bred one at that. He has had numerous health issues due to early abuse. He had three kinds of worms, giardia, amebic disentery (!!), ear mites, ear fungus, a bacterial ear infection, and IBS. Also bone malfomations and osteoporosis.

After almost two years his bones are practically straight, and of normal density, he is, of course, parasite free, his ears are immaculate and smell nice, and, to my great joy he has not had an exacerbation of his IBS for four months plus. He looks SO good people comment on it all the time.

Thanks Baxter'smybaby. You're the Best.
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Old 11-23-2008, 10:26 PM
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Riley is from a good breeder, and both is parents had all the necessary testing done. Rile however, is not the healthiest dog.

He has severe seasonal allergies. No medications help, or he cant take the ones that do. He cant handle steroids (went into liver failure, and face/neck swelled on another). He has reactions to rabies vx. He has developed KCS (dry eye). Has back problems. His ears are fine now, but used to be chronic (developed a bad middle ear infection). We think he has underlying immune issues. Allergies are the worst, and he develops lots of secondary infections due to those.
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Old 11-23-2008, 11:43 PM
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I have never gotten a dog from a "good breeder" in my life. They have all come from shelters, or friends with "oops litters" or some other situation that is similar.

I have never owned a dog with any health issues to speak of. No hip dysplasia despite the fact that I always own medium to large dogs, no cancers, no problems to speak of really. Guess I have been a very lucky person

Orson is from a HORRIBLE breeder and so far so good. His temperament could be better as he is dog aggressive to males and smaller dogs, but that is part of his breed apparently whether well bred or not. It is something we are working on and I hope to minimize it as much as possible.

He does get an upset stomach if he hasn't eaten on time, but again.......something that happens no matter how well bred or not.

All in all I feel very blessed to have the healthy dogs that I do coming from the situations they have come from.
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Old 11-24-2008, 10:20 AM
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All of my dogs to date have always come from shelters or a neighborhood "oops" litter.

Bailey is my first purebred dog, and I got him from a shelter too. I got him when he was "older," so I don't know how far these problems go back, but he had them all since I got him.

He's partially blind and has collie eye.

He has arthritis, and DJD

He has gum disease, and TERRIBLE teeth. He had to have quite a few removed, and some just fell out.

He has severe chronic colitis

He has an extremely sensitive stomache(but I think that's bc of the colitis).

He also has some other gastro-intestonal problems, but I think they are bc of the colitis too.

Right now he's having a few good days within his many bad days. I'm not sure what I should do. It seems no matter what the vets tell me to do, nothing is helping him...
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Old 11-24-2008, 10:30 AM
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Mikado came form a shelter he has been very expensive. When I got him he had a rash all over him I took him to the vet and did a scraping he was allergic to wheat and corn. So he was pu on solid gold on it for 2yrs and he can now eat other food. He has a weak heart and SA bad knees do to an infection that wasn't caught soon enough. I had him to 6 different vets trying to find out what was wrong with him. He has had erlociosis (sp?)and he is 6yrs old and his kidneys are failing.

DaVinci was found along side the road at 4wks of age( according to the vet). He has ear trouble we think he has problems with his sight and the begining stages of hip dysplasia.

I wouldn't trade them for anything tho.

People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built.

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