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Old 10-16-2008, 10:34 PM
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Default Sheltie versus Collie?

I know it seems like we've been talking about collies and shelties a lot here recently, but I'm bored and we haven't really talked about them together in the same thread.

I just started working with a collie, it's actually the first collie I've ever worked with (they're not real common where I'm from), and I'm completely in LOVE with her! She likes to be with me but not really smotheringly so, she's a very quick learner training-wise, usually is very happy but can have a little bit of an attitude when she thinks what you're asking her to do is silly, and that NOSE! But what I love most is probably her energy level - she can be up and excited at a moment's notice, but generally she's pretty laid back and easygoing about life in general.

Anyway, now that I have a small dog, I really like how portable and unintrusive they are (my 7-pound chihuahua sometimes feels too big in my bed), so I'd like my next dog (in the way future) to probably be a smallish dog too. Which of course, leads me to shelties. So my question is, are shelties really a lot like collies in personality, or are they more like some other small breeds (if so, what are those breeds)?
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Old 10-16-2008, 11:39 PM
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Actually, we had a similar conversation not that far back...

I'd say more but most of my (non-ranty) thoughts are already expressed there. =>

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Old 10-16-2008, 11:43 PM
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Thanks for the link, didn't see it before.
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Old 10-17-2008, 12:01 AM
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Imo, they're the same in some ways and not in others. Collies in general I find a lot calmer and more laid back. Shelties can really adapt to your exercise schedule but they're more on the go a lot of the time. When they're puppies, they can be pretty wild. Shelties are also less trusting of strange people generally. I say this all the time, but where a collie will generally be okay with you at first, a sheltie is going to hold off judgement. Mine have never warmed up to many people right off the bat. You have to earn it with them, but once you have earned it, they're the most loyal dogs you'll find. They're very devoted, but I wouldn't say affectionate. I think of the paps as being affectionate- fawning over you all the time, wanting to snuggle and be close. Shelties want to be with you, but they probably won't be on top of you. Nik would sit with her butt up against you, but the other two we had just want to see you. Trey is one that lies down in the doorway and keeps an eye on everything. He's very devoted to what I think he sees as his 'jobs'. He thinks he's supposed to babysit the puppy, too. While Beau seems to think that Bernard is 'his', Trey will not leave him alone. He won't play with him, but when Bernard is in his pen, Trey thinks he has to keep an eye on him.

I personally much prefer the shelties, but like both breeds. Both breeds bark a lot, both can shed a lot, both are gorgeous and very very good companions. Of course every dog is an individual, Nik was a lazy lazy sheltie. Both breeds are very trainable and smart, they're pretty sensitive dogs...

There was a good thread a while back... lemme see if I can find it.

Here you go:

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