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Old 10-05-2008, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by bubbatd View Post
Ollie learned within a minute of arriving where the cookie bowl was !!!
Petie is a master at knowing where the cookie jar is anywhere!! I had him at a big clinic to have his heart checked and when I was paying the bill, he was sitting on the counter beside me (we had never been there before). He walked over to their cookie jar, sat down and put his paw on the top of it and THEN looked at the receptionist.
lol how he knew that was the cookie jar??? smell I guess but it was on the other end of the very large counter. Vaccum sealed and solid (couldn't see inside it). I also don't have a cookie jar at home, go figure.
Needless to say, he certainly made an impression on the staff and other clients there. And he got LOTS of cookies for that one , from them.
One of the other clients whips out a camera and took his pic with him sitting on the counter with his paw on the jar.
I should have given her my email so she could send me a copy but didn't think of it until later.
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Old 10-06-2008, 11:39 AM
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DaVinci had his name down in less than a day was fetching in a day too. He has perfect recall at home and a way. He walks beautifully off leash but put a leash on him and he walks like crap. It is very frustrating.

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Old 10-06-2008, 01:52 PM
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My heart-dog Cheyenne the Golden learned everything incredibly quickly. She was so very in-tune with people, the kind of dog people say "does everything but talk". Can't think of anything she didn't learn completely within an hour or less, just incredibly well-behaved her entire life. Honestly, I had not one complaint or concern about her ... she was truly exceptional and this wasn't only my own opinion. The only troubling thing was that she couldn't stay forever ... she hung around for just a bit over 15 years. Certainly won't be Golden-less forever, but we will likely wait a while because she is a very tough act to follow.

Didn't have Cheyenne's buddy Spike the wolf-hybrid from a puppy (my guy did) but I taught Spike new things. Like many wolfdogs Spike was shy and nervous, so it took him quite a while to learn anything new. But once he learned something he never forgot. The worst problem with Spike was separation anxiety, pretty common with wolfdogs. It could not be solved and had to be worked around, but got much better once he met Cheyenne and she became his buddy. She was calm and confident so he followed her. Spike hated a leash so loose-leash walking was out of the question even when he saw Cheyenne doing it. But he did a perfect heel off-leash and never wandered without permission. When he wanted to run he'd stop, sit and look up at us ... waiting to hear "Go on!".

One of many family dogs when with my parents was Duke, a GSD. He learned very quickly as a puppy, then seemingly forgot everything in his doggy adolescence!! That lasted quite a while, but he ended up a very good dog. But loose-leash walking? Fergitabboudit! He knew what it meant, but refused to do it until he was over 5 yrs. old.

Our current long-term foster, Aussie/Rottie mix Marley, knew nothing when we got him. He was housebroken but that was all. He took a quite a while to learn anything, but also forgets nothing once learned. He's a special case though, was abused and neglected in his first home so it took a while just to teach him to trust! I taught him all basic obedience commands and he's now solid, but it took a long time. He doesn't heel but does well with loose-leash walking and has excellent recall off-leash. He's very good with trust now and loves his cuddles. He's only a foster because he's not good with other animals indoors, turned out his "rescue" group already knew that and refused to take him back. Otherwise we'd keep him for sure, still working on it but it's been a year and a half now so it doesn't look like he's ever gonna be good with other animals indoors.

The Westie puppy my guy and I have now learns very quickly. Housebreaking took a bit longer because he's a small breed ... tiny bladder! But he got there, it just took more patience and many, many, many trips outside! He's only a little over 15 weeks so I haven't gone beyond basic obedience and a few tricks yet, but he's already at the point where he anticipates commands. He hasn't learned heel yet, but hopefully he'll get there. He's low to the ground and still busy chasing every leaf that blows.
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Old 10-06-2008, 02:23 PM
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Pit learned all his "simple" tricks really quickly (ones that require one action. ie. down, spin, bang, shutting doors...) and generally picks new ones up in a session or two unless there are multiple tasks involved.

For the life of his little peanut brain, he can't learn to stay out of the kitchen! We've had this rule from day one and after countless training sessions of getting him to realize what I want, he still puts two feet in the kitchen when I'm in there and just stares at me like "What?". It's only when I have treats and a clicker that he understands that no feet are to be in the kitchen

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Old 10-06-2008, 08:21 PM
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Fozzie had the best bite inhibition, as a puppy. It kind of catches me off guard when I'm playing with a puppy and I come away with teeth marks... I'm pretty sure Gonzo was a very important part of Fozzie's soft mouth. : ) Fozzie was always quick to learn pretty much anything if treats were involved. Well, except his "come". That will probably always be selective. However, he STILL cannot grasp the concept of "fetch".

Gonzo came to me knowing nothing, but he never had an accident, or chewed anything/anyone, and he learns commands almost instantly. He is happiest when he's obeying me and making me happy.

<3 Erica, Gonzo & Fozzie
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