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Old 09-19-2008, 06:38 AM
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Default Breed Club's COE/Membership

Not sure if this belongs here, but I am curious what everyone's breed club's (national preferably) COEs are.

This is the WHWT Club of America's:

NOW, the WHWT of Nederland's COE/fokreglement (translated using google, I understand a bit, but not enough to do the whole thing. Don't have access to a Dutch person right now):
West Highland White Terrier Club Netherlands
adopted by the General Meeting dated February 13, 2005
1. The combination brother / sister, father / daughter and son / parent can not be made.
2. A combination of the same male and female is allowed only 3x.
3. The breeder should at least 1 year member of the West Highland Terrier Club Netherlands.
4. The breeder should be in possession of a kennel name.
5. The minimum age of the bitch at the time of the first 16 months of coverage.
The bitch may no longer be covered after the day it is 96 months old. It may bitch at birth of the first nest is not older than 60 months.
6. A bitch may have two litters every 24 months with a minimum interval of 10 months. A bitch may during her life up to 5 nests get.
7. The minimum age of the dog at the time of the initial coverage is 12 months.
8. The parents should have the following qualification and qualification must be achieved on CAC / CACIB exhibitions, or at the club match of the association.
Bitch 2x ZG
Male 2x You
9. A bitch is not covered if it can be reasonably expected that, given the condition and / or age of the bitch, pregnancy, childbirth and lactation period of the pups, her well-being will significantly disadvantage. Like the bitch
The pups well fed and cared to be.
10. Before a nest is bred, belongs in equal attention should be paid to type, temperament, health, character and "sound business" of both parents. Dogs can be reasonably assumed that serious faults will inheritance, should be rearing to be excluded.
11. From the breeder demanded that the pups home and be nurtured. Upon delivery, the puppies good gesocialiseerd, ontwormd and grafted to.
12. The breeder should make efforts, the potential buyer that the puppy will provide a good home.
13. The breeder is the potential buyer to provide sufficient information about nature, characteristics and care of the West Highland White Terrier.
14. Puppies with any physical or puppies who lack a clear deviation from the standard are not sold due to without the buyer complete lack of this or that derogation has been informed.
15. Each puppy belongs at the time of purchase to ontwormd and provide proof of vaccination and information on the nutrition, education, worm control and final vaccination. The breeder is the purchaser of the puppy to
advise within a period of 10 days to consult their veterinarian regarding the health of the pup and to discuss the follow-starters. The buyer is within a reasonable time to be in possession of the official tree. Breeders should be aware of their responsibility for their fokprodukten and beyond episode ready to be the new owner with advice and action.
16. A puppy without pedigree should not be sold without the buyer of this and the consequences thereof on has been informed. For these pups by the association pupinformatie not given.
17. Buyers of puppies is emphatically be made clear that they should contact to communicate with the breeder if there are problems with the dog arise.

EXCEPTIONS TO DECIDE THE BOARD. The importance of the race will come first.

Attn: Item 17: Liability; missing the deadline, is the legal term of 12 months. During the
meeting here agreed a separate article on this.
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Old 09-19-2008, 06:49 AM
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The membership provides all new registrations, address changes, and terminations;
and also ensures that the database of our members in order continues.

Would you also subscribe as a member, just click on this link.
You come to a new page with a registration form which you can print out and send it.
Dutch version:
Registration Form

I want to become a member of the West Highland White Terrier Club Netherlands.

The association year runs from January 1 to December 31. The membership fee is 17.50 for a single membership, and 20, - also a roommate if the membership wishes (family). The one-time registration fee is 5, --.
Upon notification after June 30, the fee half of those contributions plus fee.

Initial (s):
Name spouse / partner:
Initial (s):

Owner (s) of ONGER, whose dog (s), and bitch / bitches.

If within 14 days after publication of my name in the magazine no objections to my Membership is made, then I as a member. I will make the entrance fee and money transfers through the card to receive acceptance.


This registration form should be sent to the membership of the club WESTIE;
p.a. Maaseikerweg 14, 6114 JP Susteren
I find the difference interesting.
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Old 09-19-2008, 09:12 AM
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Here is the American Rottweiler Club's COE, etc.
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Old 09-19-2008, 12:15 PM
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American Boxer Club


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Old 09-19-2008, 07:20 PM
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Old 09-20-2008, 03:00 PM
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Code of Ethics (Adopted October 24, 2006)

This code shall establish a standard of conduct to be followed by all members of the Collie Club of America, Inc., in the normal course of breeding, selling, exhibiting. We recognize the difficulty of covering all situations and for this reason any failure to comply with the intent of the code shall be handled in the same manner as a specific violation. The welfare of all collies is the responsibility of all members.

1. No member shall knowingly sell or place, trade or give any Collie of any age to pet dealers, catalog houses, or other commercial sources; nor shall Collies be given as prizes, auctioned, or exploited to the detriment of the breed.

2. No Collie should be sold with defects of health or temperament that would interfere with its normal function as a suitable pet or companion. All known defects shall be disclosed to the new owner in writing.

3. All dogs shall be transferred, sold or placed in good condition, free of communicable diseases with health guaranteed for a reasonable length of time. This should include a written health record, including an inoculation schedule and an eye examination done either by a licensed veterinarian trained in veterinary ophthalmology or a certified ophthalmologist. . It is also suggested that the dogs have some type of permanent identification, such as a microchip or tattoo.

4. Collie puppies shall not be released until eight (8) weeks of age . Puppies sold as pet s shall be sold with AKC Limited Registration. Spay/neuter agreements are strongly recommended on all collies sold as pets.

5. A written agreement should be drawn up between buyer and seller for all transactions. The agreement should include a request that the seller be contacted in the event that at any time the owner is unable to keep the dog. When contacted it will be the obligation of the seller to make every effort to assist the buyer in placement of the dog.

6. No member shall sell or aid in selling to a person who they have reason to believe cannot or will not provide proper care and environment to the Collie. Members shall not abandon or put dogs in shelters or pounds. If circumstances require emergency placement of a dog into rescue the owner is financially responsible for the care of the dog.

7. All members shall provide proper care and a suitable environment for their collies. Collies shall not be kept in circumstances or numbers where their needs cannot be adequately met.

8. All breeding shall be done with the intention of advancing and protecting the breed. All Collies used for breeding shall be in good health and free from communicable disease. Dogs known to be sterile, cryptorchid or monorchid shall not be offered at stud. Stud dog and bitch owners shall notify the other of any physical problems and/or any known inherited genetic defects or any other condition in their dogs.

9. Bitches shall be bred only to selected stud. Owner of bitch is to be consulted before any other stud is used.

10. All financial arrangements and breeding arrangements will be in advance of sales or service and agreed to in writing by both parties. Only an actual witnessed tie or AI that has been agreed upon by all parties shall be considered breeding.

11. All advertising shall be honest and not in any way misrepresentative or fraudulent. Variety shall be designated in all advertising.

12. Whether at home, traveling, at shows or motels, all members shall conduct themselves at all times in such a manner as to reflect credit on the sport of dogs and Collies in particular.

13. All members will be given a copy of this Code when joining and by the act of joining shall signify their acceptance of this Code in its entirety. Any member then violating this Code either in content or intent shall be punished according to the severity and intent of the violation up to and including expulsion from the club.
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