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Old 06-17-2011, 05:27 AM
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Default Stop your dog's unwanted barking today

First of all, i want to tell us the three main reasons why dog barks:
[1] FOR AN ALERT: When there is an intruder, he or she can bark to alert you of that. He keep on barking as the intruder keep on coming closer.
[2] WHEN PROVOKED OR STRESSED: He or she barks when some one or something around him get him provoked. Or if he is undergoing stressful situation.
[3] SPIRITUAL SIGHT: In some part of Africa, it is believe that some dog has the ability to see spiritual things. So if the dog is the type that sees spiritually, he may bark whenever he saw. However, there is no strong prove to back No. 3 up.
My dog was in fund of barking unwanted barking that could nearly make me go nuts. I tried everything, but they could not work until i came across E-COLLAR.
E-COLLAR is just a device that can deliver small electronic shock on the dog when he is barking. Firstly, it will emit a warning beep on the dog when barking, if the barking continues, the shock will now come! which means the dog will now bear in mind that if he bark, that something will shock him.
If you need it[E-COLLAR], buy the one that has the following features: [A] beep warning before correction, [b] safety cut-off time and [c] adjustable shock setting.
Before you shout, as long as you buy high quality made one, it does not have any side effect.
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