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Old 05-11-2008, 10:02 PM
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Default Injured Puppy is Acting Aggressively towards other dogs

Hello, I'm hoping that someone can help me as I can't seem to find any info online.
About 1 week ago my 7 month old puppy was playing in the yard with another puppy. They were racing around and chasing each other and my puppy tripped over her leg and landed with it bent under her. I immediately took her to the vet and was told that she had a slight fracture and could not walk or play on it for the next few days.
She normally likes her space to play and lay on the floor but in the last few days has become quite needy and will not be far away from us. We have also noticed that she has become quite aggressive around other dogs, slinking up to them very slowly and growling quietly when they get closer to her.
Her little friend who was playing with her the day of her accident came by yesterday and she growled and would not go anywhere near him. He got very close to her and she sat at my feet and then went back inside the house.

She is normally an extremely friendly dog who loves to meet and greet every person and dog that she sees. I am wondering if this behaviour is an insinct so that other dogs won't know that she is hurt?
I am hoping that as she heels she will shake off the behaviour but wanted to ask if anyone else has any experience with this or knowledge?

Thank you!
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Old 05-11-2008, 10:17 PM
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It could be that she doesn't want other dogs to know she's hurt, it could also be that she thinks the other dog might hurt her, so she takes the offensive before she has to take the defensive. (I've seen dogs who are not usually aggressive, aggress towards an injured dog.) It's also very likely that she thinks the other dog did this to her on purpose, which would explain the hostility there.

No matter what she's thinking, I'd suggest not letting her come into contact with other dogs at least until her leg is healed. After that, it'd probably be a good idea to let her meet a few dogs who you know are very calm and aren't going to play rough. This might be what she needs to regain her trust in other dogs.
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