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Old 01-24-2015, 09:19 PM
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Default Pick a breed for us!

I've decided that, for my next dog, I want an Australian koolie. She will be coming in (hopefully) 2017, so I have no idea when the dog that *this* thread is talking about will be coming, but this is mostly just for fun anyway.

I've been getting interested in conformation lately, and I think it would be fun to dabble in it. As my boyfriend would like to eventually get his own dog (this won't be until after we have our house and I have my koolie), I have been thinking about dabbling around in conformation with his dog, just for fun. That is, of course, dependent on a ton of things, but, like I said, this is just for fun.

So, in regards to showing, my wants would be:

1. AKC-registered breed.
2. No breed where there is a huge conformation/working split, as in those cases I am almost always drawn to the working dog.
3. Wash n' wear. Nothing that requires extensive grooming (including hand-stripping) to get ready for a show. I don't mind trimming here and there, but nothing that takes several hours to prepare.

What he wants in a dog (most important, obviously)

1. Nothing too crazy/drivey. That's what my dogs are for
2. Affectionate, but quietly so; not an in-your-face all the time dog. He doesn't care much for dogs who are super physical and obnoxious about their love.
3. Playful. Like I said before, he doesn't like dogs whose idea of play is to wrestle and bite, but he likes playing with dogs who like toys. He's always trying to get Finn to play ball or tug, but Finn would rather...wrestle and bite
4. His favorite dogs tend to either be terriers, or dopey fluffy things. The two dogs his family has had which he liked the most were a jrt and a cavalier.

General needs for our household:

1. Shedding/barking isn't an issue.
2. Would prefer no dog aggression/small animal aggression, but we could manage it if it did happen.
3. One of my rules is no snorting/"labored" breathing. His mom's cavalier is a cute little thing, but he snorts all. the. time. and it drives me up the wall. So probably no pug or anything like that.

Is there anything that fits both of our wants, plus could maybe be a conformation prospect for me? The conformation part is just an added bonus; I definitely wouldn't mind letting him have whatever he wants and then me getting a conformation prospect of a breed of my choosing later on down the line, but I'm just curious.
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Old 01-25-2015, 04:41 PM
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What about a smooth collie? They're playful and affectionate but in a less painful way than labs or pits. A smooth collie has an easy coat to groom and would be a good playmate for the koolie, and they're often fine around small dogs.

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Old 01-25-2015, 10:26 PM
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You could copy my boyfriend and I and get a FCR

In all seriousness I am not thinking of anything in particular so I am not much help. Just thought it would be an interesting thread to read, and find it funny how similar our future plans are (both of us wanting a koolie around 2017, both of our boyfriends wanting to get a dog as well, both waiting to get a house, etc.).

Was maybe thinking of more hunting type dogs, but I am not a huge fan of conformation so I am not super knowledgeable about what the differences are between breeds for conformation (since I never look for that, although my dog Angel did come from conformation lines). I only know the obvious ones (Golden's, BC's, etc.)
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Old 01-25-2015, 10:39 PM
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First general group that came to my mind was the spaniels. Field Spaniel, Springer Spaniel, Welsh Springer spaniel, etc.

Having never owned any of those breeds I can't really comment more than that, but hopefully someone else can chime in.
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Old 01-26-2015, 04:05 PM
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Whippet? Wash and wear coat, politely affectionate, not crazy off the wall drive.

I can comment on the spaniel part. They would also fit most of your requirements, especially the fact that he likes "dopey fluffy dogs". Describes my spaniel to a T. Haha

Grooming can be tricky. Field spaniels and Welshies really aren't bad. Apart from the bath part, I can groom my dog for a show in about 1.5 hours, and I'm still pretty new at it. Professional groomers won't be able to help you, so it's a little intimidating that you're on your own at first, but breeders are always happy to show you what to do. My breeder showed me when my pup was 9 months, and I've done it myself since then with some online articles and tips I've picked up. I also do nothing in between grooming to keep him in show condition, other than a quick brush every couple weeks.

ESS require more extensive grooming to go into the ring, and they can be a very competitive breed with a lot of impeccably groomed dogs and pro handlers. Not a breed I'd recommend as a first confo dog, but they are nice dogs. They also have the confo/working split you don't like.

Welshies and fields tend to be owner handled and while it can be tough to find enough dogs for a major, it's pretty easy to go into the ring against 1-5 other dogs and win a decent amount of the time. I finished my boy in about 12 months, only attending shows less than once a month, as a total newbie. In a small breed like that with other owner handlers, nobody expected my puppy to be perfectly groomed or trained. There are breeds were you will have a hard time winning even in the classes without a dog who can free stack perfectly from 8ft away, but it's not that way in spaniels. Welshies are a great first confo breed I think - welcoming community, some grooming required but nothing you can't figure out, easy going show environment, and fairly easy to finish any decent dog. There is no working/field split in either Welshies or fields,

As a breed, Welshies are velcro dogs and pretty affectionate, but not in your face, IME. They want to sit next to you, and curl up against you in bed, but they don't leap onto your lap licking your face either. They are generally playful and many enjoy fetch the way a retriever might, and mine loves to tug. From what I hear and have seen, fields are very similar in temperament.

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Old 02-07-2015, 09:44 PM
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Spaniel hit me immediately also. They fit just about all your requirements and are dopey fluffy dogs. Anyway, good luck on your new dog!
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