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Old 02-05-2008, 06:51 PM
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I don't know who else has used this method on Chaz, but no one's suggested it and it's really great, as long as your dog enjoys walks.

Keep the leash so that he can stand next to you with a slack leash, but if he goes too far ahead or lags behind, the leash will get tight.
start walking. as soon as the leash gets tight, stop walking. He will look at you like "why'd ya stop?". Ignore him. He will come back to your side. As soon as the leash is loose, start walking.

When he starts to get too far ahead, give a verbal correction such as "ah ah" or "hey". Don't jerk the leash at all. It's time consuming for a little while, but he'll probably catch on fast, if he enjoys walkies.

As far as distractions, you'll need to work on focus/attention on you. i'd do a search on that.
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Old 04-03-2008, 07:21 PM
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I had a dog who was just so enthusiastic she would gleefully hang herself senseless at the end of the leash, just frantic to get a few more steps further. This was a dog who was generally very compliant in other ways.

What finally worked? HALTI. This was the miracle that taught my dog to heel. She HATED it! EVERY SECOND! Tried to get it off, but we stuck with it and she learned to walk without pulling forward, because doing so forced her head to pull sideways and she couldn't see what she was so eager to get to. It literally changed our lives. After a few weeks of praising her for heeling so well with it we were able to dispense with it. It's been years now but I believe she had one relapse period and we put it back on her, and she got the message pretty quick. Shortly after that I was able to walk her off leash and continued to do so for many years after until her passing this year.

I would suggest that you would have to walk/work with one dog at a time in order to be effective at training, unless you have experience with training multiple dogs at one go... If one is behaving and the other is not, they get confused about who is being corrected, making training very difficult because you cannot address bad behaviors as they occur without also discouraging good behaviors - you get what I mean.
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