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Old 02-02-2008, 10:28 PM
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Default My Paranoia Problem

Guys, I have a REALY big paranoia problem.After watching the Saw 4 comercials on TV, all I can think is of Jigsaw (the weird masked puppet thingy I think) in my room coming to kill me. I've been having too many nightmares about it and refuse to leave a room. Any shadow is instantly a weapon, and Gonzo of Avalanche's eyes are Jigsaw's stalking me.

It's gotten so bad I have to inspect every inch of my room (behind picture frames and on the cieling, too, and in the vents) to make sure Jigsaw's not hidden in there, waiting to kill me, then I have to shut my door and sleep (don't laugh please) with a nightlight on. I'm becoming sleep-deprived and have headaches all the time because of it, and thinking happy thoughts isn't working...

It's driving me nuts. I'm 13, and haven't slept solidly since Tuesday, and its freaking Saturday night! Yes, I do sleep, but it's a very light sleep and if Avalanche walks down the hall to the kitchen, I'm instantly awake clutching my teddy bear, ready to whip it at a murderer....

And I haven't even watched a Saw movie! Ugh... what am I going to do?!
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Old 02-02-2008, 10:33 PM
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Make sure there's a dog sleeping with you Lotta emotional security there, plus you have that intellectual knowledge that if ANYTHING were to be in the room your dog would let you know. That lets you go on to sleep.
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Old 02-02-2008, 10:52 PM
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Awww as dorky as it sounds I had the same problem with Chucky (Childs Play) when I was younger. I never saw the movies but the preveiws were enough to scare the living crap out of me. To be honest I still can't watch those movies.

Im a paranoid person in general lol so I can relate. Jigsaw is much scarier than Chucky. But just remember Jigsaw pretty much targets people who do "bad things" people who don't value their lives and throw their lives away. Im sure if he was a real person you wouldn't be on his list . But that doll is scary I know I don't like it either.

I do think Renee is right. Get your dog in bed with you. Most nights thats the only way I can sleep. Because like Renee says I know Maggie will let me know if someone is in the room with me.

LOL keep in mind im 19 and just as paranoid. So no need to feel bad .
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Old 02-02-2008, 10:55 PM
Richie12345 Richie12345 is offline
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maybe try to watch a comedy movie before you go to bed?
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Old 02-03-2008, 12:12 AM
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Oh lordy I think you are to young to watch that. I am 34 and that stuff scares the you no what out of me. I can assure you that that creepy lil puppet is not in your room. But really stick to nice movies the horror movies they make today are just to brutal.
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Old 02-03-2008, 12:16 AM
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Oops I just read that you just saw the commercial. Keep it that way you are to young for that mess. Like another poster said watch some comedies to keep your mind off of it.
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Old 02-03-2008, 04:55 AM
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Me and my friend Grace LOVE Jigsaw! He is the #1 reason for us to see every Saw movie (we see it the night before Halloween at midnight every year) We think he's hilarious. And super-duper hilarious when he's on his tricycle... *squeek* *creek* *creeek*

I'm sorry, I am not making fun of you. But, maybe it would help to think of it as a comical thing. I mean, it's a little clown puppet, on a trike. THINK about it! It's funny. C; Plus, the entire plot of the movie (sorry to give it away), is that there is this guy who "plays God" (or, maybe he's playing Satan, Iunno) and takes it upon himself to try to discipline, and change, people who have done bad things in their life. Drug addicts, theives, abusers, crooked cops, etc. You aren't anyyy of those things, I'm sure. So even if the clown did exist, he definitely wouldn't be after you! teehee

I can barely remember... but I used to have irrational fears like that, when I was around 13. (I'm 19 now). I used to truly believe my house was haunted. I forget what movie it was from, but I was deathly afraid that something would grab my ankle from under my bed as I was getting in. So, as any level-headed person would do, I would leap from across the room onto my bed. ROFL! It's embarassing and silly when I think back to it.

But, more important, YOU HAVE A DOG NAMED GONZO?

<3 Erica, Gonzo & Fozzie
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Old 02-03-2008, 05:05 AM
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I feel 100% safe with Buster near me, I also started sleeping with the music on many years ago, I focus on it and it distracts my brain. I still have the occasional jittery night and BUster gets stuck with my clinging to him till I fall asleep lol

btw: I'm 18 next month and still have the occasional night I dig up the night light and put it on

oh... I also do the leap to the bed thing, or else I kneel down and check underneath.And I can't have anything below my chin exposed outside the blanket,

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