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Old 01-25-2008, 09:53 PM
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I'm fostering to adopt right now. The shelter I'm fostering for usually does let people foster to adopt. I don't know why rescues would frown on it.

I won't take in a dog (with the exception of pups under 6 months) unless I can take him/her home for a while without commitment, to make sure the dog will get along with mine. Sometimes it takes a couple weeks for a dog's true color's to emerge, and I don't want to adopt a dog right off the bat, only to see a dog-aggression issue or something pop up as the dog settles in.
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Old 01-26-2008, 12:34 AM
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See RD, that is pretty much exactly why I want to do it this way. If the dog just doesn't click, at least I can help the dog to click elsewhere and pick up some extra manners/etc on it's way.
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Old 01-26-2008, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Saintgirl View Post
The resuce group that I have worked with always gives first 'dibbs' on the foster dog to the foster parents. I think fostering is a great way to not only see if the new dog will work as a new part of the family, but an excellent way to keep a dog out of a shelter or rescue until a home is found if it is not yours. However, when you do decide to foster keep in mind that the reason you are fostering the dog isn't to test drive the new dog, but to keep the dog out of a shelter. When you bring the dog into your home on a foster basis you have to be prepared that even if the dog isn't the perfect fit that you first hoped that you will continue to foster the dog until the right home is found. And this can sometimes take a very long time.

My first foster almost became a permanent fixture here, but the perfect home for her was found and it would have been selfish of us to keep her from him. We still see her often and she couldn't have ended up in a better home to suit her needs.
Thats exactly the way our greyhound organization was. We only failed with one completly foster situation which was our Saint Patches. we were doing a foster situation until we could find her a new home and she never left. We didnt get her through a organization though. Our greyhound was the only one we knew before unless anything went wrong we were keeping him. Mom saw him in the kennel and called the lady right away and told her the second hes out of the vet from his neuter hes mine and hes been here ever since.

I was going to fail on our first too he was a gorgeous dark brindle male. God I lvoed that dog he was the only grey I think i ever truely loved. I love Scirracco but not the way I did tequila but he needed a home with kids and we didnt have any so we found him a nice retired lady to dote on him with grandkids that came around everyother day.
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