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Old 01-01-2008, 12:45 AM
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You know, I've only been to one no-kill shelter, and I was not impressed. Maybe it is because I wasn't impressed that the worker didn't want to bother with showing me the other half or 3/4 of their dogs, which were housed in a lower level of the building, away from fresh air and human eyes. The dogs in their indoor/outdoor runs all looked related, probably all Lab/Chow mixes from a local family/farm/breeder. They were cage-bitey from being given treats through the wire, and probably from frustration as well. And these cages upon cages of black and brown shaggy dogs were considered their most adoptable, versus the ones hidden away in the building.

I think a humane death is better than life in a cage. But at least that "rescue" didn't even accept my breed, because I would've been doubly upset to see that.
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Old 01-02-2008, 09:10 AM
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Can You Kill Your Way To No Kill is a great discussion regarding the reality of No Kill shelters in our nation, and the many misconceptions about them. I worked for the #1 No Kill in the nation, and between the new $3.5 million dollar facility, the hundreds strong volunteer force, and the extensive foster care network - it is an amazing place. No Kill can be done, and done right. The above linked article is HUGE, so I'll just provide the link rather than posting the whole thing on here. It's an EXCELLENT read.
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Old 01-04-2008, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by RD View Post
But I just don't understand, they say exercise is mandatory but anyone with a springpole or treadmill (or any other contraption to exercise/amuse a dog) and a Bully dog on the premesis surely must be fighting them. So these high-energy and potentially DA dogs are to be exercised how? By walking on a leash next to a human? lol that's not exercise to most dogs. My Border Collies need OFF LEAD running to sufficiently exercise them, and if they can't get that then they need repetitive, constant movement like jogging on a treadmill or alongside a bike. Nobody suspects me of fighting them because.. well, really, nobody fights Border Collies. But if I owned APBTs people would be suspicious of me. This kind of legislation can easily lead to an increase in BSL.

Do these laws apply to "USDA" breeders (mills, usually) or to all breeders, even responsible hobby breeders?

I think it's bogus... It'd be lovely if it only targeted the dog-fighting scum but it'll hurt responsible people too.
I'm so glad I sold my slat mill to my good friend who owns & works Australian Shepherds. For me it's dog-fighting paraphernalia but for her it's a thumbs-up for keeping her dogs fit & trim.
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