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Old 01-02-2008, 11:45 AM
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All i gotta say about Tammy Grimes is 1) She is **** lucky she didnt try and mess with my dogs because she would be in alot more legal trouble because I would have her in court for anything and everything I could. And 2) THANK GOD she never saw Booger because she woulda tried to steal her most likely and once i woulda found out who it was you bet there would be SERIOUS REPROCUSSIONS for taking my extremely sick dog who by the way could not have really been "fixed" and was far from abused and neglected. But because she had a medical condition that made her lose function in her back half of her body Tammy Grimes woulda felt it was her "duty" to steal my poor neglected and abused dog That once it was clear she no longer could live a painfree life she crossed over to rainbow Bridge. But because until then she was a happy painfree dog yes we kept her alive with or without functioning back legs.

You do not know Jakes story from his owners none of us do but 18 years for a large dog is amazing and shows that he has had great care. Maybe like Booger he had a medical issue is that so hard to believe and that they loved him and he was living painfree. There are many factors to consider here. And until I get the whole story I will just be glad that Tammy Grimes does not live near me and that she is being tried for breaking the law.
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Old 01-02-2008, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Tazwell View Post
Then that would have been justifying everything negative that some are saying about her here. That she'll just go into a backyard and kidnap a perfectly healthy dog, just because it's tethered. Obviously, that's not her style.
Well then that just defeats anti - tethering purpose doesnt it..

especially like you said... she knew the difference between a healthy dog on a chain and one that isnt..
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