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Old 12-06-2007, 02:13 PM
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Default Does he think of me as "his"?

Grizzley is bonded closest with me and him and Todd get a long great but latley if Todd and I a play wrestling or tickling ach other Grizzley will run from across the room and go for Todd. He doesn't attack but growls and jumps on him and I am nervous that he will one day maybe go a little farther. No real question here just curious about how your dogs act in situations like that and if its a normal behavior.

And for all the Grizzley lovers out there I am hoping to post some new pics soon. He's almost 10 months old aready!

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Old 12-06-2007, 02:16 PM
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OF course he does..does he try to stand over you? VIctor is rediculous about this and i have put my foot down. He tries to claim people as his from the get go and he must think he is king of the heap to have such a large pack. I won't let him and tell people that are sitting on the floor to not let him do that as well. He has a big enough ego already he doesn't need incentive.

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Old 12-06-2007, 02:23 PM
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Sawyer does this with me all the time...he's learned what "watch the teeth" means because he gets very "herdy" and is a header by nature it seems, so we've had to work with that. I also put my foot down and let him know that I'm just playing and he can deal with it. But I don't completely inhibit it, because I'm single and living alone so if for some reason someone did try and get out of hand with me, he's more than welcome to come in with teeth flying at that point.

Just make sure that if he seems to be getting too out of hand with it, stop the play and calm him down. If he can't keep calm when you're playing, then he gets removed to another room for a little bit. There's no reason why he can't learn how to gently "protect" you during play.
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