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Old 12-05-2007, 08:55 PM
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Default What is your Dogs story?

Since I'm new I dont exactly know everyones 'story' how did you get your dog? What is the story of how you got him? Is he/she a rescue or from a breeder? I would love to know! I'll go first

Basically our neighbors dog, Shasta, broke out of her pen and bred with our other neighbors Rottweiler.
I got Lily as an abused puppy. She was born of a litter of 12, and the entire littler was only fed a small bowl of food every day that they had to fight over. She was very underweight and wormy. I knew I had to rescue at least one pup from them, and when my saw Lily, I new I had to take Her home. I was walking home from the movies when my neighbors asked me if I wanted to see the puppies. I shrugged and said "sure". When I entered their yard I was horrified. The puppies coats were matted and tangled, their eyes were gunky, and all were very wormy. The other labs, however, were in great condition. I then found out the reason why the other labs were in such amazing condidition and the pups werent. The puppies were left outside with their mother, because they puppies are not 'pure' and they did not want them to mingle with their pure labs. As soon as I saw Lily, I knew I had to take her home. She instantly walked up to me and rolled over on her back, exposing her pot belly. I talked to the owners and they told me I could have her, because in a few days they were taking the pups to a two day kill shelter, or put to sleep. Because it was already dark, I took Lily into my home and bathed her to get the fleas off. The next day we went to the vet where they told me she was sevearly underweight. We put her on a high quality puppy food and she gained weight. She got all her shots and de wormed. Now my Lil will turn a year on the 21'st and I cannot beleive the time went by so fast! She is my angel...

Well here she is when she was a pup! The day after I brought her home. She just got her shots!

Aint she a doll? Lets here your stories!

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Old 12-05-2007, 09:50 PM
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Duke's story isn't anything remarkable, infact its all to common, cute pet store puppy's and impulsive owners find all common sense thrown out the window. The only unique part being I jumped into the unknown willing to swim where many others give up.

I work at a local run pet store, we buy puppies from BYB's and we sell them.
I had been there a total of 17 months when we got a litter of 8 rotti/GSD/ Border Collie pups in, 6 weeks old none the less, far too young I agree.

I watched them go one by one, doing my best to socialize them, care for them while remaining emotionally uninvolved, distancing myself as a precaution to avoid an impulsive buy supporting a market I'm not fond of.

Two weeks later all of the pups were sold except one large male who we moved in with puppies from another litter. These new puppies picked on him and he was constantly whining because his brothers and sisters were gone. I can't explain what compelled me to take him home, as logic, finace and an uncertain future screamed at me to wait.

But their I was the next Saturday, his third week in our care, walking out the door with him, my first crate, a bag of dog foog, some chew toys, a leash, a collar and a book entitled, "puppy training" published by the AKC. I was 17, still living at home, and had strategically timed me taking him home with my mom being away on a business trip.

I realize now this was all extremely irresponsible, impuslive and careless of me, and while I'm not proud of where I got him from I would never turn back the clocks and choose a different dog, as Duke's perfect for me.

Puppy Duke

Adult Duke

Live. Laugh. Throw a Ball

Duke- 8 & a half year old awesome man (Shep Cross)

Maverick- 5 year old Border Collie *Exercise Maniac*

Odie- 5 year old Elkhound *Ball of Cute*

Teeka- 10 month old Long Haired German Shepherd- Mavericks new best friend
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Old 12-05-2007, 09:54 PM
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Thunder - I got him when he was 12 weeks old. He had been found with his litter mates in a dumpster behind a BP when they were newborns. There were 9 puppies but one did not survive. The lady that found them and a friend of hers split the rest of the puppies up... she took four and the friend took four. They bottle fed them and took care of them until they were old enough to find homes. The puppies were listed as a courtesy listing on a local rescue group's website. They brought Thunder to me the next day. He is now 5 years old and is the best dog I've ever had.

Sammy - I was working as an animal control officer in 2004. We got a call one day in July from the local PD. They told us that there was a dog locked in a hot car, and they had just arrested the owners for other reasons. The head ACO went down and picked up the dog, who was a cute little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I went to see her right away and noticed that she was in labor. I took her home, and later to the vet where she delivered four puppies by c-section. One puppy died shortly after birth. I took momma dog and the surviving puppies home. We got in touch with family of the owners who said they didn't even know she was pregnant and after finding out that they would have to pay a reclaim fee they surrendered her. When the puppies were old enough, I found homes for the momma and two little girl puppies and I kept Sammy.

Scooter - The local radio station has a nightly program called "Swap Shop" where people call in that want to buy and sell things. A guy came on and said he had free Beagle puppies. It was mid-January and the puppies were being kept outdoors with no shelter. They were only 6 weeks old.

Marley - His previous owner adopted him, and then realized she had too many dogs (13 or 14), and she also couldn't keep him in her yard. So we adopted him.
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Old 12-05-2007, 10:17 PM
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Lui's story:
April 2000: When I was 9, Mum, my sister and I had been at the shops and I saw some Samoyed puppies advertised on the noticeboard. I knew they were Mum's favourite breed so I pointed them out. Nothing really happened, but then a few days later we went to visit the pups. They were a litter of 11, and to me and my sister it was just a mass of white, fluffy pups running around and barking (one of them stole my sister's shoe!). So, whilst us kids were playing with the puppies, Mum and Dad were looking at one that had come over to say hello, and then I went to look too. He was such a sweetheart, rolled over letting us stroke his belly, and Mum, Dad and I took to him instantly. We then left.
Then, a few more days later, Dad had just brought me and my siblings back from our hockey games, but made us wait in the car, whilst he went inside first. We all immediately knew something was up, and something exciting was inside, so we sat in the car whispering about what it could be. Dad then came back, and got us to go inside and sit on the couch in the lounge. Then Mum called "come on" and we heard scrabbling paws as this gorgeous fluffy pup appeared in the lounge. Me and my sister leaped to him to get to know our new family member whilst my brother, who was scared of dogs at the time, leaped onto the back of the couch.

Wow, it's funny to think of that now, it brings a tear to my eye, and I'm not one for tears! It's amazing to think how that little pup could have been through so much to become the wonderful dog he is today! He's got out a few times, been caught by the pound once, been strangled (accident!!!), eaten half a block of chocolate, not to mention an entire shaving and he's still alive and here with us. It's been a roller-coaster of a journey, and whilst he was just my pet once-upon-a-time, he's now my companion, and my best friend.

"When most of us talk to our dogs, we tend to forget they're not people." - Julia Glass
"The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue." - Anonymous

That's my gorgeous Samoyed Lui, and the cat, Fluffy Bum (named after the cat in the book Bad Jelly the Witch!)

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Old 12-05-2007, 10:31 PM
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This is just Copy/Paste from her Dogster, lol.

I was 11 years old and I had been begging my parents for a puppy so they said if I took care of our family dog (brush him daily, walk him, get him fresh water, ect) I would soon be able to go to the shelter and pick out one! So the day came and we went to look at a cocker but it was very scared so I did not want that to be my first dog. Then the lady showed us a group of pups that had been dropped off the other day because a dog had a litter of pups the owners did not want(the pups we only about 5 weeks old) So there was only one female the color I wanted so she got her out(she was very sick at the time so she was not very active at the time). And while we were wanting for my dad to come and look at her before I was able to have her, she had a accident on me but that was okay and I still wanted that little pup! So dad said I could have her and we took her to petsmart to get her a collar and leash and toys!!! Then we took her to the vet to see want was wrong with her and she hd fleas that had died on her so he gave us some shampoo to wash her with and we had to go this every dog for about a week and she would cry and cry because the of the smell of the shampoo was very strong and did not smell good.

Here she is now

*Right after bath and blow dry*

*Happy Girl*

l ~Jennifer~ l
l Handler for Team Blazin' l Photographer at Joy Photography l Nikon D40X with 35mm 1.8 Nikkor Lens l
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Old 12-05-2007, 11:08 PM
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Bluedawg-He was posted at 5 weeks old on a local offroad forum. Nobody else was able to give him a home and I didnt want to see a 6 week old pup go to the pound, so I took him.

Perro Verde-My neighbors found her at the local store and spent 2 weeks trying to find her owners. At the end of the 2 weeks they where going to take her to the pound, I took her instead.

I SSH'ed into Mordor.

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Sometimes BOTH sides are just full of sh1t.
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Old 12-06-2007, 12:40 AM
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I don't feel like writing it all out again, so here's a modified version of what I'd written somewhere else about how I got Dance:

Dance is my very long awaited Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy. I've loved the breed for years, since I was about ten. I was obsessed with the breed and I did nothing but read about them, look at pictures of them, etc. I could hardly wait to have one of my own. There is truly no possible way to describe just how much I love the breed. Finally this past June I was able to bring Dance into my life. I didn't click with another Toller breeder I'd planned to get a pup from next year, and by chance, in June I noticed that another breeder happened to have one female show and performance sport pup available still for some reason. I contacted her, knowing that my chances of actually getting Dance were slim, as often you have to wait at least 6 months to get a Toller. But we went to meet Dance, the litter, and the breeder and were approved almost instantly. That was one of the most exciting events in my life and I'm so glad I decided to contact her breeder even with such short notice. Dance is 8 months old now and she is pretty much everything I've ever dreamed of and more in every aspect. Her temperament is perfect, her personality is wonderful, and her appearance/markings are even what I always dreamed my Toller would look like. She's been such an easy puppy to live with -- so relaxed about everything that comes her way, so easy to train, and so eager to do what is asked of her. Most days you'd think she was an adult. Everyone who meets her can't help but love her, even if the feeling isn't mutual (unless you're family!). She's just a great girl.

We got Winston from a Doberman rescue in March 2005. He's 9 1/2 now. Our last Rottweiler was really ill and my family was offered Winston, because he seemed like he'd be a good fit and the lady who had him (now a great friend of ours) thought we'd give him an excellent home. We went to meet him, fell in love, took him home about a week or so later, and never regreted that decision. He's such an incredible dog, and has totally converted my parents to Dobermans.

We got Morgan from Rottweiler rescue last February. She's a little over 2 years old now. I'm not sure why we adopted her, really. My Dad just didn't feel right without a Rottweiler in the house, and to make a long story short, we went to see a pup in the rescue. My parents can't help but fall in love with puppies, even knowing deep down that she wasn't the right dog for us. She's had issues since we got her and really isn't suited to our home at all, but we like her anyway. Not a very interesting story, but that's exactly how it is.
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Old 12-06-2007, 01:00 AM
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Spanky - My sheltie was getting elderly. My mother thought she'd make it easier on her passing by getting me a dog before she passed so that when she did die I would have a dog there to help me through it. She and her boyfriend at the time drove three hours up to Merrit from our house with the intent to pay a few hundred dollars for the farm bred border collie. Seeing as the breeder was a friend of the family and Spanky would of been their first choice had he been a female they decided to just give him to my mom for free. She jokingly said "for that price I should take two!". The breeder (who still had two male pups left) said she could take the one with the pink nose. My mom's boyfriend took Bandit. When I saw her with the puppy I told her to take him back. There was no way I was going to be a border collie owner! A year and a half later look at us now.

Bandit - My mom's boyfriend started getting really annoyed with Bandit. Between Bandit and his golden retriever pup they ruined the backyard. Bandit dug up the septic tank. He asked if my mom could babysit Bandit while they went on vacation. Mom said sure. When he got back she asked if he was going to come pick up his dog. That went on for awhile. Eventually she said she had no idea what she was going to do with him. Bandit was aggressive. I tried finding him a home but the home I found for him didn't work out. I started to notice he had cured Spanky's anxiety about being left behind. Though he came with some emotional issues we worked it out and I'll admit he is my favorite out of all my dogs.

Miley - I couldn't really tell you how I landed up with the little lady She was just sort of... given to me. I'm still trying to figure out what I am going to do with her.
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Old 12-06-2007, 01:49 AM
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I was 13, when we adopted Gonzo. I had wanted a German Shepherd puppy from an awesome breeder in Chico... so badly. But, my Dad suggested we looked for a puppy in rescue first. We contacted BC rescue, and they didn't have any young dogs, but knew of a local breeder who was going to leave an adolescent BC at the pound if he wasn't re-homed soon. We drove to Elk Grove "just to meet him"... I instantly fell in love with him, and I knew I couldn't leave him there. He was about 6 months old, scrawny, skittish, and completely unsure of himself. The people who bred him were cattle ranchers, with many Border Collies wandering around (they were trying to "get rid of" several adults, too). His Dad was a very rough-coated black and white dog, named Waldo, who was a very sweet, soft dog. I remember him immediately coming up to me and leaning against me for pets, like Gonzo does now. Gonzo is a very strange dog, but it's endearing. Cx He is the best dog I could have ever hoped for.

This is Gonzo a couple weeks after adopting him, he was soooo skinnyyy;

& this is my amazing, adorable boy 6 years later!;

I adopted Fozzie in May of 2006, when he was 9 weeks old. I had a deposit on a show "blue merle" (who later turned out brindle merle, and was therefore no longer show quality) female Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy, from a great breeder in Washington... a week before I was due to pick her up, I found out that the stud owner wanted my puppy. I was devestated. Until I saw Fozzie's sweet little face, on Petfinder, literally the next day. It took me all of 3 seconds to start e-mailing the rescue and foster Mom non-stop! I found out that Fozzie's Mom had been abandoned, pregnant, at the high-kill Redding shelter. The rescue pulled her before she gave birth, and her puppy (then named Willy Blue Eye...) was a sweet, well-socialized, happy little guy. They guessed his mix as Corgi x Jack Russell Terrier! I am still totally unsure of his mix, but he has been the silliest, happiest dog I've ever met since day one. He is the perfect fit for me, and Gonzo is soooo happy to have his little brudder!

Fozzie on the ride home from the rescue;

Fozzie now... at 1 1/2 years old!;

<3 Erica, Gonzo & Fozzie
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Old 12-06-2007, 02:29 AM
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Sawyer is an ARPH dog (Aussie rescue); he and his sister were found roaming around the parking lot of Subway almost 2 hours south of me. He was in the better condition of the two, his sis stayed in foster care for quite some time due to needed hip surgery and other health issues. Sawyer (then called Poncho) had a pretty decent case of worms and was thin, but that was it. He came home to me about a week and a half after being picked up and that was mainly because they wanted to neuter and worm him for me.

His ARPH picture that was love at first sight, around 1 1/2 years old:

My boy now, about 4 years old:

Virgo, I pulled from a local shelter to be my grandma's new dog...I kept her for a couple months to teach her manners and such and took her to my grandma's last October. I got her back in December as it wasn't working out like it was supposed to. Had to find a foster home for her on my dad's insistance (I was still living at home at the time) when the house went up for sale, found a new home for her in May and got her back again in September. She's a Boomerang Lab and isn't go anywhere ever again. Much as I never wanted a Lab and she was never supposed to be mine, well, here we are!

Taken the day after I brought her home, she wouldn't quite moving for the first couple of days I had her, maybe 3-4 years old?:

Last month, in her favorite place doing her favorite thing, 4-5 years old:
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