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Old 07-26-2004, 11:41 AM
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Default whinning when leaving/crate training

I adopted a lab/collie mix about 2 months ago from a shelter. She's just under 9 months and has been fairly good and responsive to training. However in the last few weeks she has been getting seperation anxiety. I have been crate training her from day one. She will go in the crate with no problem even with out coaxing. Within about 3 minutes she will start whinning and barking. I give her what I consider good excersie (a 30 minute walk in the morning, short walk at noon and at 3, a 45 minute jog at 5:30, longer walk at 8 and a walk at 10). I leave a Nylabone and a kong with her in her crate, and make sure she has eliminated before putting her in there). I crate her during the day from 7 to 5 but do have friends and relitives walk her at noon and at 3. She has occasional accidents so I don't feel comfortable letting her have the place to her self when I'm at work. I also crate her at night. her crate is in a unused bedroom and I leave a radio on for her and shut the door. I have the crate partitioned so that she has enought room to lay and turn around.
What can I do to help her with this? is the crate in the right spot and right enviornment? should I increase the crate size? will she grow out of it? does she need medication?
Any input will surely put me at ease!!
Thanks in advance
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Old 07-26-2004, 01:05 PM
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I would try puting a greenie bone in there and a couple of toys i think it is in the right spot she wont get much bigger than what she is allready they do most of there growing at 6 mons. so you should be fien with the crate you have right now. and i would continue the walks.
Hope this helps,
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Old 07-26-2004, 05:52 PM
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Do you spend some time just playing with her? Does she have room in the crate to do more than just turn around?

I don't use crates, being a bit claustrophobic myself, so I'm really not sure just how much room they should have, but I'd have to think that a dog would get a bit jittery and cramped up with just enough room to turn around.

Brattina can give you some good crating advice, and so can Serena.
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Old 07-28-2004, 06:40 PM
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Hello Mikef26,

I have had good results from crate training....
As a suggestion, maybe you could move the crate into your bedroom so that she is sleeping near you. The daytime problem is a little more complicated. You should talk to your vet because if the separation anxiety is clearly a problem...there is medication your dog can take such as Clomicalm.

The other thing that we have been lucky enough to have access to is Dog Daycare. Don't laugh now.. :-D I try to bring my dogs to daycare a couple times a week (depending on the weather). They spend the day socializing with other dogs and playing in fenced-in fields. They interact and play so much that by the time I get them home they are completely tired out. It almost lasts into the next day or two. This is a great outlet for dogs who have a problem being confined 5 days a week while their owners are at work. Try to see if there is anything like this in your area.

Hope this is helpful.
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