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Old 11-16-2007, 09:38 AM
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Oh, I wish I could have been there. Looks like a fun night!
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Old 11-16-2007, 10:05 AM
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Old 11-16-2007, 10:23 AM
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Thanks for reminding me why I stopped at two dogs!

What happens here after about 8:30 PM is mostly a whole lotta ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz
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Old 11-16-2007, 10:26 AM
SizzleDog SizzleDog is online now
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Well, the dogs woke me up. Gosh, it' slike they need no sleep in order to function!

The upside of three dogs is that Ilsa gets more lively when there are puppies around (even 1 year old puppies). Now what she's getting older, it's nice to see her initiate play with Ada and roll around on the groubd like a puppy. Last week she probably would have never played with that tire if Ada hadn't goten her all worked up!

Morado Dobermans... and Talla the Mexidog too! (group photo pending)
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Old 11-16-2007, 10:46 AM
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It looks like my house. Only instead of 2 rotties and a midget acd, its 2 dobes and the wondercorgie LOL

They even act like my gang. Lets trade... Please? HAHA Or @least swap me the corgi for the acd lol They are so cuteeee!!!

Ronin is maturing so nicely. I remember baby pics on SD. Gorgeous!

"Friendship is like someone peeing on you, everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings"

"Never take life seriously. No one ever gets out of it alive"

"You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, "never try" ."
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Old 11-16-2007, 10:53 AM
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ahhh finally!! phew

i was able to see ada in this thread. adorable!!
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Old 11-16-2007, 11:05 AM
Melissa_W Melissa_W is offline
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OMG, these pics are great. The second one is priceless. I like the mean faces that Ilsa always makes. And I want to steal Ada!
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Old 11-16-2007, 11:06 AM
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ROFLMAO! I bet your neighbors just loooooove you...

Last night my two crackheads and their setter friend were going all sorts of spaztastic around midnight, it's hilarious to watch because even Virgo gets to bouncing around and she's pretty picky about her playmates.
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Old 11-16-2007, 04:18 PM
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I friggin LOVE Ada. I love Ilsa and Ronie-bone too but there's something about that spunky little gal... I think you're right, a Corgi might go well with border collies.
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Old 11-16-2007, 04:24 PM
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your crew are hysterical--and you get such great action shots! I love them!
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