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Old 11-12-2007, 08:34 PM
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Unhappy Tested Positive for Lyme

Hoping not to be flamed... as I've already feel as low as subterrianean dirt over this.

End of June one of our cats of 10 years past away. What with 3 months worrying about her, then dealing with her passing... it occured to me that neither of the dogs had gotten Heartworm or Flea/Tick Preventative since that time.

I had them tested for Heartworm and Lyme yesturday, the results came back today and thankfully negative for Heartworms. But they did test positive for Lyme. They are now on Doxycycline for the next 3 weeks.

Have a few questions, wondering if someone could confirm/answer for me.

-The vet told me that the Heartworm test doesnt show up until the worms are in the adult stage, which is after 6 months. So technically the dogs could have them. And that by giving them HW medicine, it wont be deadly to them (as its the adults that can kill a dog) and will work at killing the (not saying there are) babies. And then retest them in the spring.
-Regarding the lyme, after the 3 weeks are over.. do we immediately test them afterwards to see if they still have it - or are the meds a guarentee to get rid of it.

And am also wondering if there is anything out there, whether herbal, holistic, whatever.. that would allow Kiba to start feeling better soon. All this time I just thought she was being a lazy spoiled pup, but its been because she've felt like crap.

Thank you.
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Old 11-12-2007, 08:59 PM
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correct- you won't get a positive heartworm test until six months have passed since infection. what we do at our clinic is the same- restart them on meds and then test in six months. but make sure that you remember to do the test.

lyme disease is generally not as serious in dogs as it is in people. a lot of dogs are exposed to it and never actually show symptoms or get the "disease". vets generally treat these dogs to be on the safe side. i'm not sure how long it takes to clear it enough that the dog doesn't show up positive on a test, but we don't generally retest unless the dog is symptomatic.

lots of dogs come up positive for lyme in the area where i work. the vast majority do not have long-term effects. don't beat yourself up over it.
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Old 11-13-2007, 07:20 PM
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I live in Lyme CT, center of disease lucky me.

Since your in Maine, I would ask if the vet did a SNAP 4 or 3? 3 tests HW, Lyme, canine erhlichia,,the 4 tests for those plus Equii Erhlichia (anaplasmosis)another rather new tick disease that dogs are picking up around here anyway.

All 4 of my dogs have tested high positive for anaplasmosis,,they were all treated with doxy, I chose (along with my vet) to pack a high hard punch..My 85# GSD who tested highest, was on 400mgs per day for 2 months and then another month at 200mgs..We retested 6 months later (there is no point in testing sooner, that positive will probably always be in his system just differing levels)..He is still testing HIGH positive, so I've gone another round of high dose doxy.

The general concensus around here is, (from my vets anyhow),,once a dog contracts Lyme/erhlichia, it will always be in the dogs system..There are MANY dogs that are not symptomatic,,none of mine were , yet tested very high.. My vets said they see alot of dogs that go straight into kidney/liver failure (non symptomatic until then) at which time it's usually to late to treat.

Tick diseases ARE a big deal in my area anyhow. Symptomatic or not, they can cause all kinds of screwy things with a dogs health, attacking the immune system.

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Old 11-15-2007, 10:02 PM
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I'm not sure what test was done. We went to a vaccination clinic, and they took the sample to a lab and we heard back from them the next day.
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Old 11-15-2007, 11:49 PM
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When EliN adopted her Yogi he was heartworm negative so she put him on the monthly pill . At the next yearly vet check , he was positive !! Obviously the worms were too young to show up and luckily having the worms and being on the monthly didn't hurt him . The Heartworm company did refund her money . This is why our vet wants to do a yearly blood check . Hope all goes AOK for you !!
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