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Old 10-20-2007, 06:39 PM
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Hmm, wow. Poor dog. I still have chill bumps from just reading/visualizing that on a dog.

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Old 10-20-2007, 06:56 PM
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I think it was a great post! I come from a different country that yes, is developed but I think some things are still different, but by no means missing here. If someone told me to bring my dog to an emergency vet, I wouldn't be able to because there is no emergency vet. The only thing I CAN do is call my vet any time of day and she'll get the message around noon or sometime in the evening.
I didn't see the thread, but many new chazzers have been treated 'badly' and childish in the past. I ushally keep out of it, but I still read them and shake my head.
There are countries that may and very well can be a greatly developed country some day. We all started out being small and need help in some way. Some more recent and other a long time ago.
And the new chazzers sometime don't even have to be from a different country, there are parts in the US where you can't really get to any kind of Vet in less than an hours drive.

Oh and another thing to look out for if the person is from a different country:

Their Spelling. Just little common things like 'Their and There' or 'to', 'too' and 'two'. And possibly their grammer and sentence structure.

I tried very very hard not to reply to this.....but apparently I'm weak.

I can't speak for others here but I for one have been to every continent except Africa, spent a week in India, have seen feral dogs in places as far flung as mexico, Indonesia and yes even Canada! Yes, values and customs are different but a medical emergency is a medical emergency no matter where you are. A dog will die from rabies just as fast in the middle of the Congo or in downtown toronto and nobody on a message board in the great unwashed vastness that is the internet can do a darn thing about it.

Imagine, you live in, lets say Switzerland, a well developed country. Your dog has somehow gotten sick and needs some kind of help NOW. You ask for help on a board like Chaz. And all you get is 'That dog needs to see a Vet. NOW!'
A simple little thing that really isn't a hard thing to dog. Unfortunatly when you bring your dog to the vet you have a three hour drive ahead of you because you live in the middle of no where. Your dog wouldn't survive that drive. Did everyone's 'Your dog needs a vet, now' help you? No it didn't What you needed were suggestions on how to help you dog NOW. So there is a difference.

Maybe some of the posters found it difficult to offer anything "useful" as you put it, because the answer was extremely obvious or because nobody knew how to fix such an issue with duct tape and some baling wire.

Then someone should have posted the oh so obvious answer.

I find your post not only condescending to the members here but also to the original poster. Oh and especially to those unfortunate poor and destitute know-nothings in those God-forsaken "foreign countries"

I thought it was a great post. You haven't been around to long I think. I haven't seen you once. Not that, that has anything to do with it. You seem to not know how chaz works. I haven't been around for all to long yet either, but I can observe things well. How was the post condescending?

Anyway, this is simply my opinion and I haven't been here long so perhaps I should've kept my mouth shut, but as i said..I'm weak.


bumping your own thread? nice

So.? I'll remind you once you bump one of your threads.

Sorry, I'm not one for 'attacking' new users... this just bugged me.

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Old 10-20-2007, 07:28 PM
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And the new chazzers sometime don't even have to be from a different country, there are parts in the US where you can't really get to any kind of Vet in less than an hours drive.
I am in the US and the nearest E-vet to me is 120 miles away. Out here in the middle of nowhere you have to wait until a vet is open.
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