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Old 08-09-2007, 11:34 PM
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Wink Need more info in this breeds

Well if you guys still remember the topic I did months ago "can't choose a breed"

Well I'm still unshure on what dog to get,it has to be small or medium so the breeds I'm isterested are:

Beagle, english cocker, shar pei and pug

I like peis a lot, but since they are so predisposed to many health and behavor problems I'm putting down on the list.
So I'm more interested in english cockers and beagles right now.

Well here it goes my info, I treid to get it better this time.

25 years old girl, with cardiac problems, so even if I whant I can't do many exersice, I'm planning to start to walk the dog for 20 minutes the first monts and try to add 10 or 15 minutues later.

Playing frisbee and feth daily

The dog is goin to be inside the house and in the yard, the temperature of my country is a tropical one, I did a typo in the past post, is up to 35c the hottest days (and not 25 XD)

Beacuse of my heart problems some days I feel bad, wit low or high blood pressure, in those type of days, I'm not capleble of walking the dog.

When I go out from the house, is like 3 hours sometimes more, rarely is all day, but sometimes I go in vacations to mexico or usa (once in a year)

The dog most be easy to a normal level training, but more important than that THE DOG NEEDS TO BE CALMED, NOT NERVIOUS OR HAVING ANXITY PROBLEMS,

We had a GSD/ malinois mix that died of an old age, a boxer who was stolen from us >-<, a pit bull that we sent to the farm of my dad because of the pitt bull banning in our city.

and a mutt but one of my half brothers needed a guardian dog do he taken him to his home (dog is death now)

I planning on getting a show dog (but a pet one will do fine too)

Note that since this is a 3rd world country the dog shows are in diapers, the resposable breedes are SO few (some show dogs are from a pet shop )
Image like 4 show per year and 3 to 5 dog breeds per group , 2 -4 dogs per breed

practicle no one do health test, or have a long day guaranty and besides not all the vets are capeble to do a good health test, since we don't have a vet school and they nowlashe is not up to date,
A vet recomeded me to do a blood test gen I get the puppy, to see if anything is fine also whant to do displashia and patella exams but not shure if the displashia exams here are ofa certificaded.

So tell me more about this breeds, experience wit them, links to sites... even recomed other breeds, but remenber it has to be small or medium and some breeds are imposible to find (some are easy but super hard to find pure breed like poodles)

*edit* fogot to add, even if I I will glad to get a dog from a shelther, we don't have of any type, only street dogs, and most of them have serius health or agrettion prroblems, a small number even have eated human corpses O-o so is too risky for me catching one.

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Old 08-10-2007, 11:39 AM
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I forgot to say I had experience dealing wit english cocker, almost everyone on my family have one I think I can deal wit one.

But for beagles, I only had seeing them in person but never stayed time with them, they look good for me but I'm not shure how many exercise they need.

I whant to add more minutes to the walk, when the dogs get bigger.

Also if the dog I choose is a pet quality is going to spayed

And I have two turtles, but they are are in an aquarium
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Old 08-10-2007, 05:09 PM
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Every beagle I have met was very active. That being said, while they loved walks if you are able/willing, and your yard is big enough you may be able to get the beagle enough exercise by playing ball with it or something.

If you are interested in agility, you might consider the training challenges that beagles pose as well. Every one I have met had a short attention span unless it was on the trail of some creature. This might not be true of every beagle though. I don't know how their energy level compares with a cocker spaniel, the only spaniels I have ever met were really old and liked to just lay around.

The bonus to a beagle is that you won't have to spend nearly as much time grooming it.
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Old 08-10-2007, 05:37 PM
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All the beagles I have met have been hunting dogs and were very active. I can imagine a cocker's energy level would be lower than a beagle's but they still need a fair bit of exercise. A friend of mine with three english cockers once told me she had to be out two hours a day in the forest so the dogs could run off-leash. They were fairly young at that time though, so perhaps they calm down considerably with age.
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Old 08-10-2007, 08:43 PM
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beagles require a pretty high level of exercise--and are not always the easiest to train, since they are driven by their noses!! They are very friendly, love being with people--prefer to be with another dog (since they are usually used in a pack for hunting). I would think a cocker spaniel would be a better fit, based on what you have described.
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Old 08-10-2007, 11:39 PM
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I see, so they are active like a mini schnauzer or a JRST?
And a beagle is not goin to be happy with a 30 minute walk?

Looks like is one more down XD

The main problem is that my family is only allowed me to have a medium or a small dog, and most of the non active dogs are big ones >->

I like the pugs but I'm worried about the heat, and when is too hot I tend to feel bad wit low or high blood preshure so the dog problably is going to be next to my bed fealing bad and drinking gatorade like it hapens with me

So the cocker seems to be the better one, I like cockers a lot.

But I whant to know if you guys have other breeds sugestions? I whant to be shure before I bring a puppy home.

*Adds english cocker to high possible breeds *
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Old 08-13-2007, 11:13 AM
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Im considering an american cocker also.

They are they too active or need too mush exersice or is the same as english cockers?
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Old 08-13-2007, 04:06 PM
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I think you would do well with a cocker ( either english or american, but I REALLY like the english cockers )

Beagles are great dogs but they needs LOTS of exercise or they can become destructive , as well as noisy lol

Shar peis also IMO are great dogs but alot of people tend to have allergy problems with them because of thier corse "sharp" coat. So if you check out Shar peis hang out with them for a bit to make sure you dont end up with a rash. I LOVE shar peis but cannot have one due to the fact that thier coats give me hives. I know several other people as well who are fine around dogs but that Shar Pei coat makes them break out.

As far as other small to medium breeds:

Shih Tzus are fun sweet dogs. But they do require regular grooming.

I also like Bichons. They are smart fun little dogs. But they also require regular grooming.
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