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Old 08-01-2007, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by tessa_s212 View Post

and if I ever run into those owners(whether it be the owners that actually owned this dog, or the many more out there that simply are just as ignorant), I will do nothing more than do my best to kindly educate them.
I admire you for that, cause I if i was you and i bumped into the owners, i think i'd do something more along the lines of what they did to Lacy...
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Old 12-15-2007, 01:52 AM
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R.I.P, Lacy. Now you can run free. Frolic in the emerald green grass, drink deeply from the crystal clear creeks and lope leasurely through the forests. No one will hold you back.

If I had words to make a day for you,
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Old 12-16-2007, 06:06 PM
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R.I.P. Lucy. That is sad. Poor girl..

Thank you Christine!

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grows old and who therefore is always available to love and be loved
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"There aren't any bad dogs, there are only bad owners..." Off of the Movie Underdog
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Old 12-23-2007, 09:38 AM
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RIP Lacy im crying after i read that im so sorry
new site

please spread the word. Thanks everyone Smile
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Old 02-02-2008, 05:51 PM
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This is just too sad. She was not even given a chance to learn how to be a well mannered dog. It is the owner's ignorance that made this happen. She was a beautiful dog. Keep educating people. Ignorance is not bliss. The shelter also needs to have the funds or have a person willing to help people who bring animals back because of behaviour problems to teach the owners how to help their dog. They didn't invest enough time in Lacy. Everyone failed Lacy.
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Old 03-16-2008, 01:47 PM
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Wonderful post, Tessa. RIP sweet girl.

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Old 05-16-2008, 08:26 AM
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Rest In Peace Lacy I hope your next life brings you more happiness than this one did. I hope that in your next life you receive the respect that you diserved.

Good on you Tessa.

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Rip Daisy
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Old 06-15-2008, 05:16 AM
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I never read this before. How can anyone abandon a dog once they accept it into their family? I think those of you who do rescue work are heroic, because you can care about these animals without becoming too attached, therefore giving them another chance.
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Old 07-02-2008, 03:48 AM
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This is why three of my babies are shelter adoptees. One had been there THREE MONTHS before I found him. They were going to euthanize my Xander-bee.

It's heart-wrenching what people do every day to so many lovely and wonderful souls because we don't pay attention to anyone other than ourselves.

Rest peacefully Lacy. You have far too much company... maybe someday soon we'll learn.

Thanks to Sizzledog for le Siggy D'AWESOME!
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Old 07-02-2008, 10:20 PM
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Rip Lacey. =[
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