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Old 06-10-2007, 10:52 PM
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Default just gotta vent

i'm starting to feel like a failure. since we moved to the new house our dogs are going weird. Harry has started being really aggressive towards other dogs which he has never done before, buster was learning to walk really well on lead till about 3 days ago now he just pulls constantly. mum told me a week ago that she would definelty pay for a trainer for him because she really want him to become more manageble, yesterday she tells me she can't afford it. whcih makes me mad because i'd already started looking for trainers now i have to wait about 3 months before i'll be able to pay for one myself, i'm only getting $25 a fortnight atm and first i want to put that towards micrchipping Panda, then i have a trip i have to make so i need to save for that.

we took them to the beach yesterday, everyones there with their perfectly behaved dogs just wandering around. sophie was good, first thing harry did when we let him off was charge a jogger. we know he doesn't like people but he got in a lot of trouble when he was younger for chasing a jogger and now when he's out walking and he see's a person and he's offleash he stops and gets back to my mums side to have his leash put on. plus he's been picking fights with mac, he really had a go at her the other day over bones. since he got desexed he's got really chunky, plus more aggressive than he has been before.

on top of all this, his hips are already really bad, he's dragging himself up like sophie is but she's 10 years old with arthritis, we talked to the vet about it and he probably has hip displaysia they said. he's only 14 months old! not to mention that sophies bottom canine is badly broken, we're taking her in this week to get that fixed, also we've noticed a lump on her side, we're usued to her getting lumps and bumps on the outisde of her skin, because she's white and she gets skin problems, but this lump is on the inside, near her back leg.

i'm hoping their just out of sorts because of the move and that harry's behaviour settles down.

we went to the flyball nationals yesterday and i wish i could get buster into it, mum reckons to cure his dog aggression i should just expose him to a lot of dogs, she wants me to take him to the next flyball thing, but i mean, i take him to the beach when theres a few dogs there and its like hell because he can't concentrate and he crosses over in front of me and whines and its no fun. i don't want my day wrecked by dragging around my insane dog and stressing him out. i'm sick of fighting with her about it.

sorry its long, i just have a lot on my mind about these dogs atm,

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