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Old 07-10-2004, 11:08 AM
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Default Disturbing Want Ad

I stumbled across an ad in one of those free Trader type papers the other day. I found it to be extremely disturbing. Someone, with only a cell phone number for contact, is advertising that they will buy whole puppy litters, any breed. I can't think of any good reason anyone would be doing that. Several horrific ones come to mind, selling to research facilities, fighting dog trainers using them to kill train, oh, I just really don't want to follow this train of thought. . .

I haven't decided what to do about this ad yet, but I'm wondering if anyone else has ever run across an ad like this, and I also hope it will alert anyone who cares to be on the lookout for this kind of thing. You never know what some type of wide-spread activism might accomplish.
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Old 07-10-2004, 04:33 PM
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That is disturbing. I know that many dog fighting rings will buy dogs for training and they normally end up dying. Hopefully it isn't anything like that.
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Old 07-11-2004, 12:34 AM
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oh that is creepy - reminds me of marilyn manson and a few years ago when they said on the news that he killed puppies at his concerts- what in the world is going through their minds and what kind of SICK people would find that entertaining? sorry for the crude image.

during the school year a friend of mine in english class did a paper against using animals for testing (the assignment was to pick a topic that we're either for or against and write a persuasive speech to present- i did gun control ::shrugs: and i was with her when we were doing research for it and she found so many websites with pictures of animals who had been used for testing and what had happened to them and it practically made me cry! (her speech was fabulous by the way) and it just made me really upset (it's up there with the whole horse slaughter thing )

but i really think there should be some laws against this?? (now i'm reminding myself of reese witherspoon/elle woods in legally blonde 2 where she's advocating for the ban of testing on animals - that's a much better image than marilyn manson, ya think?)
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Old 07-11-2004, 12:47 AM
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That is a strange ad. Never know what they are up to

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Old 07-14-2004, 01:00 AM
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Its most likely an animal testing facility or people who are interested in using animals for bait. Alot of psychos in this world. If I were you I would do a little research. First of all I would call him/her up and pretend I'm offering a litter and ask him/her a few questions nicely, as if you really want to make a deal. If he/she sounds really suspicious, then I'd call the humane society and give them the contact information (cellphone/name/whatever you get) so they could look into it. These kinds of things really NEED to be investigated because if we're all suspicious but nobody does anything about it then some very unfortunate animals may be suffering needlessly in the hands of a complete sicko.

Good luck. keep us posted.
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Old 07-14-2004, 10:20 AM
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Here's another spin on this ad. Afriend of mine was looking for a pup..went to a woman's home cause she thought she was a breeder...or the woman at least advertised pups for sale from 'parents on premises..A.K.C registered' blah, blah. So she gets there and the woman proceeds to tell her she 'buys complete litters' to resell. My friend is so gullible (sp??) and believes this woman that these pups are all from 'the most reputable breeders'...which of course, are wayyyyyy out of town. DUH. This woman buys entire litters...then sells them marked way up. I didn't make an issue about it because my friend stupidly (in my opinion) paid top price for one of her pups and actually believed her entire line of rubbish. I've never heard of that before and I certainly would never purchase an overpriced pup from someone under bizarre conditions like these. This woman had a german shepard on premises that she claimed to have paid $6200.00 for due to quality W.German bloodlines...etc..etc. My friend believed all of it, and was so impressed. When I started asking questions..she just got defensive, so I dropped it. Course, this friend also recently paid $600.00 for a cat that was supposed to be a rare breed......took forever (the person was never home) to get the 'papers'....which to this day I know my friend was ripped off. As long as there are people like my friend...willing to pay without checking things out...these people probably do very well. Sad. Sorry so long.
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Old 07-14-2004, 11:20 PM
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my aunt got a yellow lab for a large amount of money... i don't think it was a scam though; nowhere near 6k, alittle less than $1,000 i think. the deal was she was kind of hesitant about getting a puppy because she has 5 kids (the oldest is 15 and youngest is 5) and a really hectic life already, so she thought that starting from scratch would be kind of difficult since she's always running kids to every sports practice you could imagine and dance lessons, etc plus she has her own interior decorating business (that's where i got my inspiration to pursue interior design as my major in college). so they got this dog (eddie) for christmas from a show trainer and she couldn't show him because he wasn't very big. i saw him at christmas time and he's pretty small for a lab. but yea he's PERFECTLY trained and all the kids adore him and my aunt has no regrets in finally getting a dog.

well we found out this spring that eddie has lyme disease. and my dad was thinking that maybe that could've been another reason this lady wanted to sell him, and that maybe she knew previous to sale that he had lyme disease and didn't tell my aunt. i was wondering what some symptoms of lyme disease are and how they effect dogs. is this something that can shorten his life significantly, or something that can go away with treatment? i don't know what treatment he has recieved- i know he's been to the vet and they'll do whatever they need to take care of him but i don't have all the details and was hoping you all could help me with my curiousity. thanks!
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Old 07-21-2004, 10:14 PM
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about the lyme disease. some symptoms are lameness, lethargy, not eating and high fever. most often times the syptoms can be controlled with a 6 week course of doxycycline. the lyme disease will never go away, he may have symptoms pop up now and again but it can be controlled with meds. in fewer cases the lymes can affect the kidneys and cause them to fail. i have only ever seen one dog bounce back from lyme induced kidney failure. and from things i have read lyme can also effect the brain and cause a normally friendly dog to become aggressive. haven't had experience with that type of symptom. wish the best for your friends dog.

besides all the horrible things that someone could buy a whole litter for it may be a puppy broker who will resell them to a pet shop. which is also horrible.
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Old 07-24-2004, 06:52 AM
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My old Yellow Lab seemed to attract ticks like a magnet, and when he was about two, he seemed to suddenly get really tired and didn't want to walk much for a week of so, then he seemed ok. About six months later, he suddenly started limping and I took him to the vets, who took Xrays and they showed he had rheumatoid arthritis. The sudden onset of it, and the fact that xrays taken of him less than a year earlier were fine, showing no problems, made him think Lyme's. (He was riding in my truck and I just missed hitting a car, and got tossed around the cab of my truck, and we thought he had broken a rib or two and that was why the first xrays were taken) He ran some tests that showed an infection, by no sure Lyme's disease spirochetes (sp?) were found.

He put him on the antibiotic that is used for Lyme's, and he seemed to perk up a little, but still limped. The arthritis didn't stop until he was around nine, and then it seemed to be in remission until just before his heath went totall sour at almost 12.
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Old 08-05-2004, 11:27 AM
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This is what I would do>>>"I Would call the cell phone number, but not from your home & cell phone. They might have caller I.D. so I would call from a phone booth and then give them a bogus name...not your real name. From there you might be able to get there phone or address etc. Then take your information to the police and maybe they`ll check into it. If there wanting to buy puppies for dog fighting, hopefully they`ll get caught". THATS WHAT I`D DO
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