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Old 05-28-2007, 12:34 AM
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Default That Yipee Bark

I have a 7 month old maltese/shih tzu cross. She is the most loving dog. Super in every way except barking. She has that horrible yip yip and barks at every thing and every sound. We have been to puppy classes and tried the things they have told me. Making loud noise, that lasted about a month. Next was spray with water bottle that lasted about 2 weeks. I tried quietly saying shhhhhh and immediately giving her a treat then when quiet. That lasted about 3 days. I have a bark collar that I had used on my older dog. I hate using it and she seems to know the minute you take it off. However, the neighbors are starting to complain and we do have a city barking ordience. Anyone have any tips for me???
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Old 05-28-2007, 08:00 AM
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immediately giving her a treat then when quiet. That lasted about 3 days.
That one is your best bet. Why did it only last for three days...don't tell me you gave up Stick to it!

Try to set her up to bark. If she barks when people come to the door the work with that. Have a friend help you (be the door knocker).

Fill your pocket with yummy treats and go near the door (not too close a couple of yards away)with your dog on a leash. Kneel down next to her. Then have your friend (on the other side of the closed door) knock. Your dog should start to bark, ignore her completely. As soon as she stops pop the treat into her mouth. It is very important you give it to her right on time before she starts barking again. If she remains quite for a few more seconds get another treat from your pocket and give it to her. If she is still quite give one more treat and then have the person knock again. She should start barking so do what you did before.

In some cases the dog just might not stop so you will need to present the treat to her saying "quite" before you put it to her nose. Have the person knock and then as soon as she starts say "quite" and put the treat up to her nose (don't let her take it). She should start sniffing it, and a sniffing dog can't bark. So once she is sniffing and quite give her the treat and then get another treat and put it to her nose and then give it to her after she sniffs it and is quite. If she ever starts to bark pull the treat away and say "ah-ah". bring the treat back and get her to sniff it, give her it when she is quite and continue.

do that for a few days then see if she starts responding to the word "quite". Have the treat in your hand (don't show it to her) and say quite. If she stops give her the treat and a lot of praise. If she continues do NOT say "quite" again, simply put the treat back to her nose for sniffing then give her a treat when she is quite. If after two weeks there is no progress (and you are doing it everyday for 5-10 mins once or twice a day) then go back and try the first method (the one without holding the treat to her nose, you just wait) since some dogs might only stop if they see the treat, I don't think it will happen but it might.

continue for a few weeks it will take some time, she is a puppy and, no offense, not of breeds that learn quickly. Some dogs just take longer than others. MAKE SURE you keep to doing the same thing, don't switch between methods so much, you are not giving them a chance to work. No method is "do this twice and your dog will never make a sound again" most good methods take time and patience. Chances are she will still bark once or twice when someone comes to the door, but the object is that she will stop as soon as you say "quite".

Try this out today and tell us how it goes. Do it for about five mins. if she can hold out longer than do it a bit longer, but 5 mins is a good starting place.

don't bother with the collars, spray bottles and loud noises. Mos dogs learn that no collar=no bad things happen, no person around=no spray from bottle, and no person around=no scary loud noises. Plus I don't like the use of adversives such as spray bottles. The dog does not learn from them they just fear them, and start to fear barking. Tell us how things go and...


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Old 05-28-2007, 10:48 AM
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When you find the solution , please tell my neighbor !
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