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Old 04-19-2007, 01:05 PM
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Default Holy Crap

Literally I've never seen Duke's stools this hard and well formed and we've only been on raw for 24 hours! I keep waiting and waiting for the bad stools to start as I've heard so many horror stories of the first few weeks on raw. Did Duke just not read the same info as everyone else or are we not safe yet?

These were his stools as of this morning (weak stomach people may want to scroll down past the pic)

(ok it's safe to look again)

The first day I was a little worried he might have constipation as he only went to the bathroom three times for the whole day, once in the morning, once when we got home, and then once a few hours later after his first raw meal and then not for the rest of the day and not after his second meal. I picked him up pumpkin to add in today but then this morning when we took him out he went and produced that very hard stool. He didn't seem to strain or anything however should I ditch the probiotics ive been adding by the half teaspoonful to his raw and add a bit of pumkin to be safe or can I add both the pumpkin and probiotic at the same time?

His fur also seems much softer today like when he gets a bath but I can't believe all of the benefits have kicked in after as littler as 24 hours. Theres a back patch near his tail which is much more wirey then the rest of his coat that is always crunchy when I groom him and I took the shedding blade to it today and no crunching and it dosent even feel wirey anymore.

Regardless I'm sold on raw. Will keep updating everyone as we go along.

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Old 04-19-2007, 01:41 PM
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Yeah, you need to give it a while for the benefits like coat and teeth to kick in. Don't be surprised if you get some runs too, it might take a day more, or, maybe it won't happen at all.

I would only add pumpkin if he's loose for more than a day, or is producing sandy looking stools, which would be from too much bone.

Get used to much less poop and much less frequency. One time a day is completely normal. They will probably get even smaller than what you have in the picture.
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