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Old 06-24-2004, 06:33 AM
MrBauersWife MrBauersWife is offline
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Question Adding another dog

Hi all!
I am new to the boards. I hail from New Jersey, USA. Our family has been blessed with our Golden Retriever; Petals. She is spayed and of good temperment. In fact, she is a pretty SUBMISSIVE dog to everyone OUTSIDE of the home especially all dogs. She appears to really like other dogs. They do not always like her, but she loves to play with them nonetheless. Anyway, she is now 2 years old in August a Purebred. We have kept in touch with her breeder who owns her Mother the Father lives across the street. Mamma dog is breeding with same Daddy again. This will produce an actual sibling for Petals. We have been thinking for over a year now that we would like to add a SECOND DOG. We are so in love with Petals and want another one to share our love with and for her to enjoy playing with. Petals is quite playful still. My question is how do I make it an enjoyable experience for Petals? I don't want her to feel sad. I want her to see this as a buddy for her to share her days with. Most people I know with 2 dogs say the transition went easy. None of them have actual siblings nor do they have the SAME BREED. One person I know sent it went HORRIBLY. He already had a SUBMISSIVE Lab and then added a Boxer. Once the Boxer was older it began to be VERY DOMINENT and the other dog STOPPED playing. This would break my heart! I adore my Petals and want what is best for her. Any suggestions?
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Old 06-24-2004, 08:24 AM
Renee750il's Avatar
Renee750il Renee750il is offline
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That sounds like a great idea, especially since Petals likes other dogs so well. One of the things we always observe with our dogs is the oldest dog is always first. No matter what. First to eat, first treat, first greeted, first petted, you get the idea. The only thing he's not first at is first to be scolded. Of course, that's easy here, since Bimmer's the only one who really never does anything bad.

Petals may "grow up" a bit and assume some responsibility for a new puppy, but that won't mean she's any less happy. Dogs typically want to do something constructive, and the instinct to care for puppies is strong, particularly in females (although there's always an exception).

Have you thought about taking Petals back to visit the breeder and see how she reacts to the other dogs of the same breed? Watch how their dogs interact, too. Having two dogs of the same breed should actually diminish the chances of a situation like the one you described with the Boxer and the Lab, since you won't be introducing a breed that may be typically more dominant. And Goldens aren't typically highly territorial or jealous dogs.

It sounds like Petals has a wonderful life with fantastic owners, and a friend to share it with would probably make her even happier. And you'll have hours of amusement watching two dogs romp and play together.
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Old 06-24-2004, 09:40 AM
MrBauersWife MrBauersWife is offline
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Renee75Oil! You really put my mind at ease. Yes I am aware of the whole deal with making CERTAIN that Petals is always first. Actually Petals went back to see her Mother a few months ago.It went well. They swam in her Mommy's pool together and had a grand time. So hopefully all will be fine. My main objective is to make this a positive experience for Petals. Keep fingies and toes crossed for us. Mom should be having a new litter some time in August
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Old 06-24-2004, 07:42 PM
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Aussielover Aussielover is offline
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I've had my male Aussie for 2 years now and he is very good with other dogs. Back in February we got a new puppy. (My fault for going to the ASPCA by myself). To make a long story short, it wasn't too bad. They were both males and my Aussie spent a lot of time putting the puppy in his place but never hurt him. We had to get rid of the puppy because he was very sick when we got him and we put every penny we had to try and fix him and we just couldn't. We went to the shelter last week (the first time since we lost our puppy) and saw a female Aussie. After hearing how her owner just threw her away and told the shelter to put her down, we decided to take her home. She is the sweetest dog and so far so good with our male. I don't know if it's because she is female but bringing her into our family seemed to go a lot easier. My only suggestion is to keep giving your current dog all the attention she has come to know and love and keep the dog food seperated. To keep the stress down on my male we moved our females bowls to another room. I hope it all works out good for you .
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Old 06-29-2004, 07:55 PM
mom2two mom2two is offline
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Smile RE: adding another dog

Hi my name is Beth and I have bichons, not as easy temperment as Golden's but here is my story and it has a happy ending!

Gidget (now 4) was 2 years old when we bought this house. My mom had a long haired chihuahua that she was the best of friends with. he was run over and killed by a car, and Gidget moped non stop. They used to spend all the time together, he was gone (bless his little heart). I thought since she got along so well with him we should get her a playmate so she would not be lonely anymore. We went to adopt a puppy, I was looking at a chihuahua and we saw Dexter (now 1 1/2) who was a male bichon. The vet mentioned if you buy the opposite sex, less dominance factor. He was right!

We brought Dexter home and the first few days Gidget thought she was being punished. But we continued the routines but added Dexter after her things, then the third day the two were running around the house and playing. That is not to say they agree on everything, but they are the best of friends now. Gidget looks for him when she doesn't see him.

Gidget was able to tell Dexter what is hers and what she would or would not accept, that is the beauty of bringing in a puppy with an older dog, the older dog already knows their likes and dislikes. The puppy will learn what is acceptable and not accepted by the older dog. Petals may even act a little mommy like to the new puppy. Goldens are so great! Remember dogs are den animals, they all at one time will show who is in charge. That is ok, within reason of course.

Good luck, keep us all posted what your decision is. And hopefully a big CONGRATS will be headed your way!
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