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Old 03-10-2007, 08:20 PM
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Post Possibly the longest intro in history!

Hi everyone,

My "kids" and I are new here. We just heard about this forum from a gal on the My Little Pony Trading Post. My kids and I are in need of help which I'll get into a little further down.

I'm 23 and I live in Great Falls Montana. I'm in the process of getting my kennel license from the AKC for my Papillons. My kids are 2.5 year old Nelle (I just bought her from a puppy mill situation) the lady that owned her had 4 females and 1 male and was breeding them back to back. I saw an ad for Nelle on next day pets and when she said that Nelle was a good breeder and had had 3 litters (the last by C-section) and had had a heat off but was able to be bred again should it be desired. So I couldn't let that happen (especially since she is rather mis marked to begin with although still fits the standard) and I spent WAY TOO much on her, but I thought she deserved a life where she would be allowed to play with my other kids and not have to have any more babies. She came to me about a month ago now and upon taking her to the vet since she is a walking skeleton we discovered she is again pregnant! Then we have 2 year olds Tinkerbell and Zeus whom I picked up at 2 months old each while I was traveling since you can't really get Papillons in the state. So they were my first two and last Christmas they had a litter of three boys. Then we have Itty Bitty who is kind of a rescue case. My friend wanted a Papillon after seeing Tink and Zeus so last May she found a breeder (the closest one who is about 150 miles from us) and bought Itty. Now Julie has two 20 pound cats that beat the daylights out of Itty so since she knew I would take care of her I found Itty in a travel bag on my desk one Monday morning with her papers stating that she wanted me to take Itty. Then we get to Abby I shipped her up here recently to be my first official show dog and Abby is 16 weeks old.

Here is where I need help!

Abby and Duke are two of my puppies. I've been having to travel a lot lately and asked my friend and her 4 kids to watch them for a couple of weeks and if she did I would reduce the price on Duke for her by $300. This was agreed upon and after we got Abby and Duke settled I started my in and out of town bit. I'd check on the kids (what I call all my Papillons) and they were doing well and I made sure that I kept her current with lots of food and whatnot to watch them. I even bought Duke a collar and ID tag for her as well as the food and water bowls, let her borrow one of my X pens, and two of my crates. Then a couple of days ago Miranda's mom Bessie calls me asking if I'd heard from her or her kids to which I said no.

Come to find out that she has gone back to her ex husband, he came up and got her and their kids as well as they took my two puppies (since she hasn't paid me at all for Duke yet and on top of that she owes me $200 for babysitting) and stuck them in one of the travel crates. They didn't even take both crates so from Great Falls MT all the way down to Cedar Bluffs AL (where I have found an address for Charles) Abby and Duke (ages 16 weeks and 11 weeks) had to stay crammed together in one travel crate.

I've filed a police report up here as well as (before knowing where she went) reported the puppies stolen to the animal shelter as well as the pet stores. And now I need help because the police have basically stated that it would cost more than the dogs are supposedly worth (since I still have the papers and she doesn't) to do anything unless she comes back to MT they aren't able to get me either payment for the puppies or (what I really want) my puppies back. Nearest thing they suggest is me flying down there with the police report number, pictures of both puppies, and the papers on the puppies and trying to get them myself. Now I happen to have 3 days in a row off from work next week and can fly down there to get them but it is going to cost me an entire month's take home to fly down there and rent a car. So if there is anyone in the Ceder Bluffs area that would be willing to drive by the address I've found online and see if they can spot either the puppies or any sign of them for me I would appreciate it. I can email information to anyone that might be able to help and once I've got some more money on hand (I won't get paid for another 2 weeks I'd be happy to repay any gas that you might have used0. Or pehaps if possible if you were to see them (I can provide pictures of them both) depending on what the police and whatnot say down there (I plan on calling them to see if I provide pics and numbers of reports and the arrest warrant they are trying to get) if someone can just pick them up and fly them home. I've flown dogs COD before and I'd be more than willing to pay some kind of reward for the return of my babies.

My other Papillons miss them as do I and any help or even information on that would be greatly appreciated!
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Old 03-10-2007, 11:19 PM
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Glad you made it over!

I really hope you find your pups!

If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain
dogs I have known will go to heaven, and very, very few
persons -James Thurber
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Old 03-14-2007, 01:28 PM
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Hi...welcome to Chaz!!! I hope you have a good outcome with this situation!!
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Old 03-14-2007, 05:17 PM
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Hi and welcome to Chaz .
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