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Old 02-15-2007, 10:07 AM
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Default golden retriever pups

hi there
we have an 8 month old Golden Retriever puppy who is by other peoples standards ' really good for this age'. He is a good dog and there are so many things that he has learnt and doesn't now do. however - there are some things that he does that are just so tiresome - are theses typical of a GR, are they particularly a problem for him because he was the dominant one of the litter and do you have any ideas for training these things out of him please - or do we just need to chill a bit more!!

1)whenever out on a walk, he constantly has his nose to the ground and picks up any bit of litter that he comes across. We have tried the whole leave thing which he will do with treats and his toys at home but when out on a walk he jsut constantly has rubbish in his mouth.

2) he plays fetch well except for the leaving and dropping of the toy/ ball etc that he has been to get - we have tried treats but the thing in his mouth seems to be far too interesting to let go of even for a treat!

3)pulling on his lead to see other dogs - on his walks he isn't too bad with pulling now (unless there is litter in sight) but when he spots another dog he constantly pulls to go and see them and no amount of 'heel' will work.

4)sometimes when we are at home or on a walk and i don't let him do something he gets all stroppy with me and jumps up at me and nips my clothing or arm (it doesn't hurt too much but obviously we don't want it to continue) earlier today he wanted a huge stick to carry and when i tried to make it a bit smaller for him as he just couldn't manage the size of the one he found, he jumped up and nipped my arm. in the books it states that this is classic dominance aggression but i just wondered if it was typical of a GR or just our particular one.

Also i'd love to hear from any one with any specific naughty things that their golden does just out of interest really - it'd be nice to see if there are any similar traits.

thanks to everyone in advance - sorry for the length of the message.
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Old 02-15-2007, 12:51 PM
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Double post ...................
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Old 02-16-2007, 12:02 AM
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My golden is 6 now, but still loves socks. It doesn't matter if they are clean dirty, whatever, she just likes them more then anything (except food of course). I think that will die with her. We did everything we could to teach her socks were not toys, but it never worked. I have learned to live with it. My golden was not agressive towards anything when she was little except when we thought people were hurting me, and when she wold play. It was funny, all i would have to do is say something in terms of pain and she would jump the person who ever was close to me. She didn't get agressive with other dogs till she was about 3, i guess she just got tired of being picked on .

My advice would be try classes.
Good luck, Goldens are a lot of fun
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