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Old 04-26-2005, 10:48 PM
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Question New Puppy Questions Suggestions?

My wife and I both grew up as kids with dogs, we
have been married almost 11 years now and decided
it was time to get a dog again (we both missed our
dogs from home).

We got a 9 week old yorkie/poo mix and the vet
says he's a great dog and is in good health etc.

The issues I am asking about here are most likely
very common - we have had him 2 weeks so far

I am just looking for ideas or books or websites
to read about how to properly teach/train him vs
him training me hehe.

First off he chews on everything he isn't supposed
to, I realize pups need to chew and I have
gotten him lots of toys, bones, chewsticks, a
small ball, even tied up a few of my socks into a
knot ball (he does play with that) but in general
he tends to just bypass the toys and goes for
things like the couch corner or the phone cords or
our french door sheers even goes as far as
climbing up onto the chair and trying to get the
cord from the ceiling fan (he acts like a cat at

When I catch him chewing on something I don't want
him to (the phone cord for instance) I say NO
BUDDY! as he is doing it it and immediately I
bring him a chew stick and say in a nice voice
"buddy, chew on this", using his name and giving
him the bone or chew toy etc...

I just want to train him properly as to what or
how to know what is ok to chew, maybe too many
toys has confused him and he thinks ok I can chew
on everything?

Secondly, he bites, not hard or to draw blood -
maybe just chewing more? I think it is in more of
a pup's playful manner he gets a little growl
going and tries to play tug of war or nips out of
nowhere and it hurts at times.

He only gets this way maybe 2-3 times per day
usually after a nap, and the other part of the day
(majority) he's either a loving lap dog for hours
that does nothing but lay there and roll on his back
to be touched, or he falls asleep...

I am a stay at home dad so I am here with him all
day long, so I spend most of the day with him here
at home but I want to teach him it isn't ok to chew
on people (guests etc).

What I do when he does try to put my finger or
hand into his mouth or when he lunges out to nip
is I say NO BUDDY, in a strict voice. I then put
him down and don't pay attention to him for a few
mins, eventually a few mins later I let him back up,
he seems calm again for a bit but if starts up
the hands in mouth stuff so I repeat my action (NO
BUDDY and put him down), sometimes I have also
tried to go get him a toy to play with, but he
doesn't seem to want the toy he wants back up on
my lap.

I would dismiss this as just chewing and puppy
play but recently it has gone to him wanting to
nip at our nose or ears, again once he gets them
its not a mean growling teeth showing BITE, its
almost as if he's just playing (but too rough),
and I just don't want him to develop the thought
pattern that its ok to play by biting me or anyone
else in the face or hand area.

Lastly we are trying (without success so far) to
pad train him, he is tiny 2.5lbs and expected to
be about 7lbs adult size, we want him trained on
pads 100% inside no outside use.

What we are doing now is we have his pad set out
not near his food or bed but opposite corner of his
little room just off our kitchen (sortof a breakfast
nook), he looks at it sniffs it yet goes wherever he
wants vs the pads...

When we catch him sniffing or about to go on the
carpet, we say no buddy, and take him to the pad
and say go potty in a excited voice, we praise him
bigtime if he goes on the pad, also after eating
within 10 mins or so we know he's gonna go so we
sit with him in that area by the pad and say GO
POTTY and praise him if he does go on the pad.

I was told DON'T do treats when he goes potty on the
pads cuz it will just teach him to go squat for a
treat, and I realize it will take some time for
him to learn this pad thing, but just wondering
what else I can do or what I might be doing wrong
or missing?

Thanks for all the help, it may sound like we are
complaining, actually I am not - he's a great
little dog and we have become very attached to him
even within these first few weeks, I do realize he
is a pup and will need plenty of time attention and
training, that I have (time to train being home
all day with him).

I just wanna make sure when we do train him here
we are doing it right, it frustrates me to see people
smack a dog or push his face into his poop, I know
that's not good, I just wanna know what else I can
try or if I am on target so far with what we are
currently doing/trying...

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Old 04-27-2005, 09:19 AM
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It sounds like you're doing an excellent job so far. Every pup is different, so you have to make little adjustments for what seems to be working or not working for that particular pup, just as you would with a child, but it really does sound as though you're doing an excellent job.
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Old 04-27-2005, 11:21 AM
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Thanks for the reply, I guess having dogs as kids helped a bit but our parents did the training back then LOL

Buddy is good little boy most of the time, he does get that devilish side to him at times altho we understand hes still a pup and thats 1000% normal...

Today I spent even more time with him after eating, stayed near the pad, reminded him with words and asking do you have to GO POTTY?!?!?

He didn't get it right started to squat but I quickly brought him to the pad and PRAISED him for going on the pad vs the floor. Still probably has no clue but we will stick with the program here LOL

Today was also 2nd bath day, he does really well tho with the water, likes to play too, so it wasnt bad at all, had him trimmed up a bit at the groomers and nails clipped, that helped alot too with scratching and with poop getting stuck by his butt...

I am feeding him Innova Puppy food, his stools are somewhat loose yet not water (just very soft), I am hoping that firms up soon, as this is suppposed to be GOOD food for him, vs the wet food he was eating when I got him (I hated the wet food smell and mess) so I put him on dry right away recommended by the vet. At first we put a bit of water into the dry to soften it up but after just a day or two he has eaten the dry without needing it softened.

Thanks agian for the re-assurance that at least what we are doing is somewhat on track to success.

I also did some reading around on these forums and have decided to hit the library for a few of the puppy books mentioned here as well as I ordered up a small sized kong ball for him to put something yummy in that he can chew on vs us!


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Old 04-27-2005, 11:58 AM
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Congrats on your puppy! His stools should harden as he gets used to the Innova.
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Old 04-27-2005, 12:17 PM
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" How to Raise a Puppy You can live With "....Rutherford and Neil .....if the library doesn't have it, have them order or buy one.
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Old 04-27-2005, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by bubbatd
" How to Raise a Puppy You can live With "....Rutherford and Neil .....if the library doesn't have it, have them order or buy one.

Yep thats tops on my list, checked my library online here today and they have 2 copies both on shelf so im gonna get me one of them today for sure

A few others in the same area ill probably look at too but that one review wise on amazon seemed very good for sure..

Thanks for the tip !

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Old 04-27-2005, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Barb04
Congrats on your puppy! His stools should harden as he gets used to the Innova.
He has been on it almost a week now, you know how they say when you switch foods you should gradually do it? Well he was on all wet food (mighty dog) and the vet said just stop it and go dry asap, so we did, hopefully he will adjust soon here tho and firm up, I do notice he's drinking alot so maybe that is even coming into play with its wet texture, first few days he played in the water - now hes gulping it down faster than ever...

Hopefully it all adjusts soon to "normal" firmness.

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Old 04-27-2005, 02:08 PM
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Let me know what you think of "How..etc etc" !! I wish every new owner would get it.....after you read it (scan it ) I bet you'll buy it !
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Old 04-27-2005, 02:17 PM
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Hi Bill.

You are doing an excellent job!

Where do you keep your puppy? If you have a safe place for him like a play pen or the kitchen... you could put puppy pads all over the floor so he has no choice but to go on them. Then gradually take them away so that he learns to go on just a section...

I, personally, don't think there is anything wrong with giving praise and treats when he goes in the right place. I think that is positive reinforcement and will encourage him to learn.

Innova is the best food you could feed your dog. I'm so glad you have him on it. Be patient with his adjusting. Did your vet recommend it? If so then I love your vet.

"We" mostly recommend that you stop yourself from being a chew toy by either yelping like he's really hurt you and acting wounded or completely ignoring him when he chews on you. By that I mean get up and walk away don't look at him or anything. He's doing it because he wants to play and have attention. If it's hard to just walk away then give him a short puppy time out in the bathroom or somewhere safe. Just pick him up without making a fuss or saying anything and put him there. Just a minute or two. You have to be consistent.

Do you have a kong yet? A kong stuffed with peanut butter is an excellent toy that amuses them for a long time. Even better if it's frozen. I have three.

Hope that helps.
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Old 04-29-2005, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Saje
Hi Bill.

You are doing an excellent job!
Buddy has about a 10x12 breakfast nook area that is all his own, one side is food, one side is his bed and a few things like my wifes shirt in the bed etc, and on opposite corner of the room are the puppypads (leaving space between food, bed , 2 pads).

I have been putting 2 pads out vs one, tried newspaper around under pad yet that was a mess he just TORE it to shreds...but still no luck really getting him to go ON the pads really, he goes around it and around the house alot! LOL just rarely ON the pad. If i catch him going on the carpet i take him to the pads and praise him for going (GOOD BOY!) once he has done it on the pad but nothing has "clicked" for him yet I guess.

I am about ready to pick up the poop and move it to the pads, i try to catch him in the act - yet he goes SO fast sometimes and I am not gonna leave him locked up in the nook all day...

Besides I have wanted to by a carpet cleaner for a while anyways - this is just a good excuse LOL...Target has that spot cleaner thing, anyone tried one? I might just get a full machine to do the entire carpet, but i've wanted one for a long time...

At night we babygate him into that nook and when we wake he has usually gone potty but again mostly around the room not on the pads sad to report but this is only week 3...

Gonna try special treats, ONLY given when he goes on the pads, im gonna feed him then play sit with him by pads, repeatedly telling him GO POTTY and GOOD BOY then here is a TREAT if he goes on the pad...(gonna start that this weekend).

I read up on the net about Innova then at the vet asked her what she knew or thought about it, she said most go with more common less expensive brands like purina, iams or science diet (cost & ease of availability wise) but that Innova was a great food a little harder to find and in general just a bit more pricey than most common pet owners want to pay.

We have a solands feed store here in town, and I figure since he is tiny, he doesn't eat much, and if its good for him then hey the store is here that sells it locally, if I get it for him - cool hopefully I will have a happy healthy puppy that I know is at least eating good...

He has gotten a bit better on the bititng, I have ordered him two small kong balls, (slightly different shapes) cant wait for them to arrive, but for now when he tries to bite my hands i say NO and put him down, a few mins later i let him back up and if he repeats the behavior I say NO again and put him down and ignore him for about 5 mins, he usually settles down after 15 mins or so of that, and just lets me pet him after 3-4 times of ignoring him...

I know hes not trying to hurt me, moreso just excited I would guess, being a puppy & wanting to chew... all day long he just chews on stuff, mostly his stuffed bunny with a bell inside.

Actually hes starting to HUMP the bunny, I didn't expect to see that at 9 weeks here... yet he is still a while away from being able to be fixed...

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