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Old 01-17-2007, 03:16 PM
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As I was trying to say, no my dog is not defective. She walks in to walls because she isn't paying attention to where she is going. Not because of genetics. She isn't stumbling around. Just not using what little brain she has. She couldn't get over the thing in the room because she was confused. Not genetics again. She is fully capable of walking over the pillow on the floor. She just isn't smart enough to figure out what to do.

That is another reason why I am antibreeder 99***37; of the time. Oh, it's your dogs lines. They are bad lines. Genetic defect. NOPE. Sorry, but not every fault is genetic. As I said before, Tess, the demodectic dog was purchased from outside lines. My stepmom has no demodex in her lines. She also only breeds normal eyed dogs. Just because your wonderful lines don't have the problem, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. The OP asked about the breed. I merely stated somethings that can occur. I never said, Hi my name is roxy and all the collies I ever knew had THESE problems." Don't get me wrong, I no longer am in touch with my stepmom because of her breeding. She moved her dogs to outdoor kennels and I disagree with that. Breeder arrogance turns me off from breeders 100%. I will NEVER own a dog that I purchased again. I will always rescue. So, if I get collies with demodex, eye problems, hip problems and stupidity issues, then so be it.

Some collies are intelligent. My Piper was insanely intelligent. But, even though some might mistake Faith's intuition as intelligence, she is not. Her mother was. Her sister was not. Her neice was. It's not the lines, but the dogs. I might not agree with my stepmom breeding, but I rarely agree with anyone breeding.

so, before you tell me that my dog is defective, please get the facts straight.
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Old 01-17-2007, 05:09 PM
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There is a local collie rescue group. They'd be my first stop for certain if I was adopting. As much as we all love puppies there is a feeling nothing can replace when you bring a rescue home.
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Old 01-17-2007, 10:50 PM
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Paige - there are some lovely dogs in rescue, many there simply because their activity level was more than the original owner could handle. Often, they are surrendered due to excessive barking, but upon closer inspection you find that they haven't had any training and were left alone outside. Others are found as strays, usually because they jumped a fence and ran away. This too because they are left alone outside unattended. They are a family dog and must be indoors, interacting with all of the humans. They don't make good yard dogs. Good luck in your search!!
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Old 01-18-2007, 04:34 PM
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well, for whoever is still interested in my mystery dog (that I got from the pound recently)...i had wondered if she had some sheltie or collie in her. I looked at books and the more I saw of her, I saw border collie in her most likely, took her to the vet and was told surprise, her face has a chihuaha quality to it, but she is considerably bigger at 20 pounds, and her fur and certain behaviors indicates she may have some border collie and/or welsh corgi in her. The welse corgis though do not have that feathery fur around their neckline like collies do, the only dog I've seen that pattern is in the collie type dogs. she also has the 'eye' the book described of border collies, they stand still upon seeing a bird or other animal and have an intense stare, and kind of crouch down. she's veyr active and outdoor oriented, so my best guess now is oddly enough she is a mix of the border collie and maybe chihuaua bringing her down to 20 pounds, a bit smaller than average border collies but much bigger than a chihuaua.
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Old 01-18-2007, 04:40 PM
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as a border collie owner can you tell me if my new dog sounds simliar to a border collie? I am just really curious. The two dogs I owned before I knew what they were, and she is somewhat still of a mystery, although as I wrote, my best guess is half or so border collie and maybe half chihuaua.
She is veyr sound sensitive and her ears perk forward and she kind of tilts her head and listens intently, really cute. On walks she notices eveyr little thing, and has to investigate, notices all the grass, flowers, birds, etc, and pulls along at a steady trot- I can tell she wants to break out and run eveyr time. She also sometimes lifts one of her front paws and kind of lowers her body and then stares at a bird or whatever intently.
At home, she is super interested in whateve we are doing, and has to come check it out- she is not a sit back and chill type of dog, she is very inquisitive.
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