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Old 04-18-2005, 09:20 PM
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Default Revenge

All my life growing up I wanted a dog but mom was allergic. She finally began to get allergy shots so she could get an airdale which she had always wanted. By this time I was seventeen and mom left on one of her "girls weekends". While she was gone I scouted the paper and found an add for a springer/setter mix pup for $10. I called and a few hours later my little girl was delivered to me. When mom returned I was babysitting at a family members house and had brought the pup (now named Java) with me. She came and got Java (she wasn't super pleased with me) and took her to petco where she bought her all sorts of pampered pet things. Got her home and she did the three P's for mom, peed, pooped, and puked. Mom just thought she was great, NOT! Anyways as Java got older I began to be out more and more with my friends and didn't spend the quality time with her as I used to. So one day Java had a great idea...she found my favorite pair of pants in my room and left a huge, steamy, stinky, pile of poo on them for me, isn't she thoughtful! She taught me a lesson though. Don't get a dog if you don't have the time for it or they will get back at you somehow to show their displeasure. Java is now eight years old (did I mention we share the same birthday?) and lives with my grandmother who dotes on her constantly. She rubs her legs, her belly, trims the fur between her toes, and walks her around outside the house so she can do her business. Java couldn't be happier now but if grandma goes away for a few days Java still knows how to give the cold shoulder! Here is my Java...

and thats my story!

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Old 04-18-2005, 09:25 PM
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What a great story. And what a sweety.

I worked with a lady who was allergic to horses but owned a horse farm. She couldn't give up her passion. It was a mild allergy caused mostly by the dander. She bought a horse vacuum.
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Old 04-19-2005, 09:18 AM
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So happy to hear Java is having a good time living with your grandmother.
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