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Old 12-10-2006, 07:16 PM
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Default Dandruff & Chapped Paws

Earlier this week, we picked up a ten year old Miniature Poodle from our local Humane Society. Her name is Lucy. She's been to the vet now and they diagnosed a slight cold and minor case of kennel cough but told us not to bring her in unless she developed discharge, a fever or discharge from her nose (slight sneeze, too.) Anyway, we gave her her first bath yesterday and noticed that the amount of stuff matting her fur was not only a post-two-weeks-in-a-kennel grunge, but some pretty significant dandruff and, the sensitivity the kennel employees and the vet noted that resides in her paws, we think might be due to the fact that they're dry, slightly ragged and chapped. There's no bleeding or anything like that but it's a lot like chapped lips.

Everything I've read seems to tie the two things together and suggest adding some healthy oils to her diet - A, E, some corn oil in small quantities - but, in the mean time, it's freezing cold outside and, even though we don't use any salt on our sidewalks or driveway, i'm worried that it's going to get worse and begin to crack and bleed. I've read on some sites that you can put vaseline on their paws to make them more comfortable outside, but I can't imagine Lucy NOT trying to lick it off of her paws or traipsing it around the house. I'm also aware that there are products out there that you can buy and use but, like lip balm, they seem to be more of a symptematic treatment.

Does anyone have any tips? This is our first dog in many many years and our first poodle ever - i've read they are among the most notorious breeds for skin issues.f
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Old 12-10-2006, 07:46 PM
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Kudos to you for adopting

Did they give her any medication for the kennel cough? I hope she gets better soon!

Sounds like your on the right track... dandruff often is diet related, so a highly quality diet would definitely help!

You can try putting some Vit E creme, or baby oil on her paws... you can rub it in better than the Vaseline, so she can't lick it off or smear it on your floors That'll help the dry, chapped paws, but they'll still be soft and sensitive for a little while.

There are booties that can be purchased for dogs. It may take some getting used to, but it'll help until they're healed. You'll want a sturdy brand that is not just for looks...

Also, there is pet/child safe snow melting products that can be purchased, if you want to use them on your sidewalks


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Old 12-10-2006, 08:20 PM
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Flaxseed oil is great for the coat and skin. For the chapped/rough pads, I'd use Bag Balm and rub in well. It's always worked like a charm for me.

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