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Old 12-30-2007, 03:58 PM
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To provide some history for folks interested in learning about the Chinook breed and trying to understand this aspect, there is in fact a parent club sanctioned crossbreeding program which can be found on the COA website at The pretense is that the Chinook is an extremely inbred breed descending through a genetic bottleneck of just 2 dogs in the late 1920's followed by a succession of several kennels maintaining exclusive breeding rights up to a second genetic bottleneck through just 4 dogs prior to the 1981 rescue. Not everyone has agreed with this approach, but it is strongly supported by the vast majority of UKC breeders and geneticists among our ranks, particularly when one considers the fertility and genetic health issues we have had and continue to work through.

Currently, there are 3 parent club approved Chinook cross lines in existence, all of which were initiated 10-15 years ago. One of these cross lines originated from a red/white Siberian Husky (Maverick). As Maverick's owner, I can attest that the dog was hardly backyard bred and the issues a certain Chazhound member has have more to do with sour grapes over mushing than anything else. Maverick's pedigree can be seen at He was a working sled dog and the son of a BISS specialty winner out of a long line of champions and sled dogs. The other two cross lines originated from working sled dogs commonly referred to as Alaskan Huskies, not unlike what the Chinook was prior to becoming a distinct breed.

To date, there are approximately 80 UKC purebred Chinooks descended from a handful of cross-to-pure graduates that can be seen on the COA website. Speaking only of the Maverick cross line, 20***37; of UKC Top 10 conformation Chinooks over the last 5 years descend from him and OFA stats show a substantial increase in the number of OFA Excellents attributable to this line even though they represent a minority in the overall genepool. The reason a number of breeders are incorporating these dogs is because they feel it has been beneficial for the breed and their breeding programs. Other breeders choose to work with different lines which is equally important for diversity. I personally own 2 Chinook descendants of Maverick and likely will utilize one of the other cross lines at some point. However, I also own and/or maintain breeding interest in 6 Chinooks with pedigrees that I have deliberately kept free of all crossbreeding, including several non-program dogs of questionable purity who entered the studbooks based on representation by their breeders/owners. I'm sure there are other Chinook breeders who would be willing to discuss their perspectives as well.

It's a good case study for any rare breed considering the pros and cons of opening its studbook and a bold decision on the part of the United Kennel Club. It's also clearly NOT an attempt to produce so-called designer mutts or dogs that deviate as the goal is a genetically healthier dog in complete conformance to the breed standard.

Happy Holidays!
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Old 12-30-2007, 07:01 PM
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Debbie thanks for the post.

I enjoy learning about these breeds very much.

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Old 12-30-2007, 07:25 PM
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I think what the Basenji people did to save their breed was amazing...they might well have been crossbreeding since they had to pick their dogs via phenotype...but they did what they had to and IMO they did it RIGHT.

Heavy use on a single stud is bad news for ANY breed, BTW.
Gina H.
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Old 12-30-2007, 07:55 PM
Boreayl_Chinooks Boreayl_Chinooks is offline
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This is another site that is well worth reading:

Sadly, although the program was highly succussful, I believe the AKC eventually revoked the registrations of the few dogs that were accepted into its studbooks with normal uric acid metabolism. It makes no sense to me that an organization supposedly dedicated to protecting dogs would instead opt for a genepool that is 100***37; pure for a hereditary defect!

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