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Old 08-05-2004, 10:18 AM
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Most people who visit either love Shiva's antics and unfortunately encourage her, or they just deal with her like we do and push her down and tell her No when she gets too overwhelming. Of course, then they have to cope with watching her sit and watch them with tears brimming in her eyes for a few minutes - until she spreads herself out on the floor with a huge, heartrending sigh. Then she rolls her eyes and looks up at the object of her attention and blinks until she manages to squeeze some 'tears' out. Kharma's got it made because she's got a longer, more melancholy face than Shiva and her eyes are bigger and rounder. She's able to go into 'the look' without any notice at all, making whoever is the recipient of 'the look' feel like a heartless louse. These girls are gooooood!

Poor little Bimmer doesn't even try to horn in on the attention unless it's someone he's extremely fond of, then he does the jumping, elevating above the girls and reaching over them to lick the object of his affection in the face. There are only two or three people who get that attention from him, though, and they know how honored they are. Bimmer's been pushed away by most people so that they could pet the big, sad looking girls and now he just doesn't bother with most people. Kharma, the loyal little sweetheart, is reaching an age where she notices things like that, and since she adores Bimmer and follows his example, won't have much to do with anyone who won't pet him.

I guess it's safe to say that our house is our dogs' house and they get to do things here that they don't do when they're out visiting. They understand the difference and definitely have different manners when they're away from home.
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