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Old 10-09-2006, 03:44 PM
gulliver gulliver is offline
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Default Dogs mourn don't they?

Maybe someone here has some insight into this. One of my two dogs is quickly going to osteosarcoma. It's terrible. I'm not a good judge of pain and discomfort. The visible signs have really taken off in the last few days (the front of his lower jaw) and he licks the growth a lot.

He has a constant companion, the other dog. Has anyone had a grieving dog? and how did you maybe handle the two separating? Is anything to be gained by letting the one see/know the other is euthanized? or should I plan to have him out of site when I bring the other home from this? I expect some heavy separation anxiety. Can dogs even understand death on some level?

I'm having maybe a few irrational thoughts right about now so I'm open to any suggestions. One crazy thought is the lab trying to dig up the golden after I bury him. This sucks

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Old 10-09-2006, 03:47 PM
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Chloe grieved (it seemed) a little when Zyzy was lost...she barely ate for awhile and the only thing she would is lay in the spot where they layed lasted for a week or two..but now she is OK...
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Old 10-09-2006, 04:56 PM
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Iv seen dogs grieve before. Its a sad thing. They lay around, wont eat, dont want to play. They mope around like a human who is grieving will mope. They will look like they are crying, its so sad. The only thing to do is be there and help them through it, like helping a human through it. It will last a week or so, and through that time Id suggest keeping them close, take them on alot of walks and try and get them to play.

I wouldnt suggest taking the dog into see the other being put down, would be far too hard on them. But that is how I think.
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Old 10-09-2006, 04:56 PM
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Oh, they grieve all right. Bimmer grieved for months after Buffy died. He still gets upset if we talk about her very much.

If your dogs are that close, it might comfort them both to be close to each other at the end . . .
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Old 10-09-2006, 05:36 PM
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When we put our Chessie (Coco), down, we had Daisy (the lab in my avatar) right there with us when it was done. We had the mobile vet come to the house to do it. Daisy ignored the body, and she didn't really seem to mourn much. But she helped us through our mourning period.
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Old 10-09-2006, 05:49 PM
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When I was a kid, Grampa's dog Shadow died. He buried her in the back yard. our dog butch just laid on the grave site for weeks. It was such a sight. He would get up come and eat do his rounds then go back to Shadow. Butch would end up dieng shortly after wards.

Dad said he ran away and being a eight yr old kid I beleived him and went to look for him for days. Now as I have grown up I realise that dad lied to me. Why? So that I would not be so upset losing the two dogs in such a short time.
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Old 10-09-2006, 06:08 PM
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Yes, I believe dogs do grieve. I have seen it myself when one has passed and the other is left without their partner. I have also seen a dog grieve when a human member of their household has passed.

As with people there can be a difference how each dog will handle a loss. I have had dogs be extremely sad, refusing to eat, play, etc. To the point that I eventually cooked special and hand fed to keep some nourishment going in. Others are just less active, coming out of it within a week or so.

I have heard the opinion that it is better if possible to allow the remaining dog to see their mate and realize they have passed. That way they will not be "looking" for them to return. I have not personally seen that it makes much of a difference either way.

I think it is just necessary to spend some extra time with your dog and help each other through your shared grief. I am so sorry about your golden's problem.
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Old 10-09-2006, 06:44 PM
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years ago our dog Kehous Zafra had passed away. It was late at night and I did not have the strength to move her. Her daughter Little Zoe would refuse to come into the house. She had to lay on top of her mom to keep her warm. Such a sad thing to see. My daugther was 7 at the time she sat there balling her eyes out,

She said mom Zafra's not dead. She's moving just go pick her up and bring her in the house, I felt so bad for Steph. But had to explain Zafra is gone to heaven and she is too heavy for mom to pick up. Zafra was 135 lbs and that was just to much for me to handle. I too was very upset.

Yes every body and every animal takes things hard that day the two kids Steph and Zoe took it the hardest
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Old 10-09-2006, 06:45 PM
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Oh, gulliver, this just breaks my heart, what you're going through. I had it both ways... my lab (Yogi) needing to be put down due to lymphoma and my golden (Eli) waiting in the wings by his bro knowing he was sick and "stuff" was going on. I have always talked to my babies like they're human, and I swear to you, they understand what we say (at least mine did/do). I explained everything to Eli and he just knew. That Yogi wasn't coming back after that trip to the vet. I couldn't even take him, I was too upset. Grammy did it for me (my Mom, Bubbtd on here). Then I got Hunter (yellow lab) from the shelter four months later. And low and behold, Eli was diagnosed with lymphoma 8 months later. We started chemo treatments, and they were going well. But he died while sleeping at Grammy's feet one day due to blood clots in his lungs from the chemo. Hunter was with him and I really think knew what was going on. Dogs know so much more than we "humans" give them credit for. They know our feelings, they know the situations, and they have to deal (and grieve) with it in the same way as humans. Just be close to your labby and love on your golden til the end. Please keep us posted...
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Old 10-09-2006, 06:55 PM
Buddy'sParents Buddy'sParents is offline
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Oh, dear. What a sad thread.

I too, believe that dogs grieve. My grandparents had a toy poodle, Cherie, that my grandfather just adored. He became ill and was put in a convelescant home and died shortly after. My grandmother moved closer to us and Cherie came to live with us.

It was heartbreaking. She was old herself, but I watched that sweet thing deterioriate before my very eyes. She was so sad that he was gone. She probably didn't understand. We lost her shortly after due to cancer that their old vet had not found. I believe she gave up on life when my grandfather died. She wanted to be with him so she went. And then my grandmother died shortly after that... they all wanted to be with each other and now they are.
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