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Old 09-24-2006, 04:08 PM
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I'm also someone that will never do a co-ownership again. I've watched friends and family get torn apart, and I've had one nasty incidence myself. I was sold dogs on full ownerhsip, and when the papers came it said co-owned and the breeder was like "Yeah I changed my mind, I didn't think you'd care!" So I sent her the dogs back.
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Old 09-24-2006, 04:45 PM
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I have a co ownerd contract for every intact dog .
My name stays on all pedigrees untill dog is fixed.
My contract is a bit different it gives the right for the owner of the breeding prospect to fix the dog at any time just to give me notice if the prospect is great and needs to be collected due to rarity of bloodlines..

It says they own the dog outright but i retain all breed rigths.
And no not that i want the money from any litters but I was the dog to be work shown and health tested BEFORE breeding and I want to pick or help the mate to insure the line goes forth not backwards.

Many co owns in which the main owner does all the work and titles the dog and then the breeder shows up and says GIVE ME is what makes many wary of co owns.

Simply im not going to be old and gray rescueing dogs from my lines because i sold a stranger a breeding dog and they had no mentor or help.

I wont ever stud my dogs out either well thats another bad story.

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Old 09-24-2006, 07:53 PM
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I would give a pup away to a great home or to a trusted friend. Absolutely. However, if someone couldn't afford the purchase price of the dog, I would have to wonder what they would do in an emergency situation.

I would never give (or sell) a pup to someone who expected or demanded me to give them one or sell it to them at a reduced price. It isn't about the money, it's about the buyer and their ignorance. If they have properly researched the breed, they will have come across the average price of a puppy of this breed. They should expect to pay it!

Honestly, the purchase price of a dog could be spent in one vet visit. I know mine was . . .

As for waiting lists, I will absolutely have one before any litter of mine is born. I just can't and won't promise anyone a certain puppy out of a certain litter, because I have no idea what the litter will be like.

I get requests for Dakota's puppies all the time. I tell people that he hasn't been tested yet and they give me this blank "so, what?" expression and again ask me when I'm breeding him. If he is half as good a sheepdog as he is a goose dog, I might consider it, but to be honest I don't like some of the lines he comes from, and I am leary of whether or not he would pass on the traits from those lines. They're healthy enough, but they're the overdone showlines that I want to avoid in my breedings.
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Old 09-26-2006, 01:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Gillian View Post
My little girl is now 14 weeks and 5 days old. You would not believe how many people walk up to me and ask; 'How much'. I have also been asked whether I am giving her away and whether I have any others like her at home. I'm starting to think that I am becoming a really nasty person as I usually make the suggestion to sell their children into slavery before they will get either this, or for that matter, any other puppy of mine. Sorry guys, bad joke, I know...

As far as breeding is concerned; IMO one should not breed unless it is to better the breed AND one wants at least one of those better pups for oneself. It is a very good idea to have vetted waiting lists for puppies when and if you do decide to breed. This way you will at least know where your puppies are going. Internet and newspaper adverts are a no-no. That's what puppy mills do.

Yup You have a point and it is meant well. It is amazing how many people just breed to breed. Then again it is amazing how many kennels do the same.

I am not into crittizing anyone and or anything but I will state this area to be true to fact. Years ago when we started up in the breeding grooming and training business. We would get a lot of slack from other trainers and or breeders. Oh don't go there they do not know what they are doing. Well you know what many of those people were the ones that needed to be shot and you know what. The one kennel owner had a very nice well bred German Shepherd dog. She was a German Import with Titles. Well when he was done with the dog what would he do?

Can you beleive this he would breed the crap out of the dog. Get his so called money and then one day would see a kid walking down the street and ask the kid'' Hey Kid Do Yeah Want A Dog? Hey the kid would say yes now wouldn't he. So off went doggie to who knows where and who know what. Nice guy don't ya think?

The same idiot would critise me for my male dog Rebel. Well we had a house fire. We would lose everything. The only thing that would servive was our two dogs and my husband I and the kids were not at home. So I chose to kennel the dogs. Well this so called dog trainer would go off the wall. Why well Rebel would litterly attack and freak when some one would approach the kennel. This was my fault he would say. So I sat the nut down and tried to discuss the situation.

Well I said look at it at the dogs point of veiw.

1) Lived in a home with a family

2)Never ever kenneled and or seperated from the home and or the family

3) Never ever been in a house fire before

So what do we have now"

1) Seperation anxiety

2) trama

I as well stated if I had done so much wrong with this dog. May I ask why he is now a Police Service Dual Purpose dog???? It is recognised and will be written in the books for ever. There is always some one out to get the other. No matter the situation. We all need to learn from the animals and guess what life would be so much better.
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Old 09-27-2006, 01:15 AM
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My favorite so far has been:
Dork - You have a beautiful dog
Barb - Thank you
Dork - How old is he?
Barb - He's 2
Dork - Would you like to breed him to my female?
Barb - Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh he's neutered
Dante 8 year old GSD
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Old 09-27-2006, 05:10 AM
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Wow Barb- that was literally word-for-word the same conversation I had with some people about Tai.

I just couldn't help but wonder, how could anyone who didn't even seem to realize that my dog was missing the two "key players" in this whole shenanigan possibly even know the first thing about breeding dogs?

Of course the sad truth is that they probably didn't. Sigh...
Kan-i, Ryosei, Soboku

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