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Old 09-08-2006, 07:07 PM
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Default Another day at the park

Well, just wanted to share, Tink had another day at the park...she's now 6 months old,all spayed and healed...and her training is starting to kick in!
We met a group of families at the park today,and things went well!
Tink obviously doesn't love strangers, but through a lot of effort,click training her to sit,down,etc, she will accept almost anyones hand near her, and will tap them with her nose, even when she's not treated! She did it again and again- when someone,kid or adult would want to pet her, i'd explain she's shy,and just hold their hand in front,and she'd 'kiss' them,so I'd say "touch" and she'd do it! Instead of a treat, she got a "good girl" and it seemed to be enough, plus the good vibes she was receiving for touching her nose to them instead of freaking out....
However, the 2 men that showed up, she yapped at, what is it with the strange men she hates? And she didn't like a friends dog, but that's ok, she yapped at first, but i kept her distance mostly,and when he got close, she sort of snipped,(no fighting,they just warned each other clearly)and so did he,so that was that, she doesn't have to love everyone!
For Tink, seeing any sort of progress is great!
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Old 09-09-2006, 06:20 AM
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Well done to you and Tink Isn't it lovely to know your hard work is paying off? And as for the strange men bit, I dunno but alot of dogs that I know, and that I've had in the past, didn't like strange men at all. Maybe they are a bit more intimidating than women? (No offence guys).

And yeah not all dogs like everyone and everything. As humans we don't like all other members of the human race, and I believe that all dogs don't like each other too. Quite often we want them to bound up to every dog they see, and be friendly and tail wagging, and want to play. But in reality most times that doesn't happen.

It doesn't worry me because I like to think that they should have some choices in their selection of friends It's different if they wanna eat every human they see though lol. If they snipe at other dogs you can easily control that if it concerns you, but of course wanting to bite humans is another matter. Either way well done and good luck in your continued progress
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