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Old 03-27-2005, 10:36 PM
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Default Cute story about my Timmy and Sunny

I will start by saying that I adore my husband Tim. He is my best friend, my love and my cheerleader when I am down. But until recently I really didn't think he had a heart. Atleast not when it came to things besides me or his family. He's not what you would have called a "dog person", certainly not an "animal person" of any sort. He tolorated my obsession, first with a goldfish that lasted less then a week in our little apartment that didn't allow dogs or cats or birds. Three bunnies (2 which died mysteriously and 1 which ran away) and a fat tailed gecko (which lived to be over a year but died a week before we moved here, we think because he had trouble shedding?) I cried and had little funerals over every one and he dealt with it, drying my tears all the while thinking "I married a crazy person" . After living in this house for 6 months I got my first dog that I had had since living with my parents, Hunter. I thought he might get it with a dog, but certainly not this rowdy bundle of energy. Then hunter got hit by a car 3 days before Christmas. He cried with me for once, partly I think because of the suddeness of it all and partly because he "sort of liked hunter". He again dried my tears and helped me recover. Then came Sunny. Tim was determined not to fall in love. "Dog's aren't people" he said "I will not be called 'daddy' to a dog" he said. "Dogs don't belong on the bed, and don't get people food and aren't all that great" he said, trying, I think to convince himself of such, as much as he would deny it. But sunny was little, and cute, and loving. Sunny sat in your lap and licked your hand with that cute pink tongue, and cuddled into that space between your neck and shoulder to get warm and feel safe. Sunny learned tricks quickly and walks without a leash in the park and on trails, and is downright adorable when he wants to be. "Dogs really AREN'T that great" he still said, not really believing it anymore I think. But one day Sunny was sick, and was throwing up, and I saw the look in his eyes that meant he GOT IT now. That "I'll die a little bit if you don't get better" and not just because Chrissy (me) will die too, but because I love you. The next week when Sunny was up and running around our room and jumping up into our bed to give Tim a kiss goodnight, Tim was talking baby talk to him and he slipped and said "don't you love daddy?!" and I almost fell over laughing. I have a feeling my non dog person will never be without a dog from this point on. Also, he now gets riled up when I talk about seeing dogs chained to their dog houses, or running around traffic with no owners to be found. He never knew what a puppy mill was before but now makes sure his friends know not to buy from one. I believe we now have a convert. And he has a heart
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Old 03-28-2005, 12:10 AM
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i am so happy for him that he became a dog person!!! and happy for you too!! And happy for Sunnypup most of all!!!!!
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Old 03-28-2005, 07:36 AM
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My dad was never a dog person till I got Barley for them! I rescued him from a farm where all the other dogs were bulling him, he was so pathetic, dirty, smelly and under nourished (all the other dogs ate his food) that you just couldn't help but feel sorry for him!! I think my dad's heart just went out to him! And now they are inseperable! I've lost count of the amount of money they have spent getting him healthy again, my dad gets up at 5 every morning to give him a proper walk before work. And he stays up till 11 at night so he can have a walk before bed time! it's really lovely. He is much nicer now as we all have something in common now, the love for our dogs has brought the family back together again, we were really struggling before!
Amazing what a four legged friend can do!
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Old 03-28-2005, 04:08 PM
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What a great story! Carl & I love our animals so much; they are our family!
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