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Old 09-02-2006, 09:22 PM
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Question Good/bad how do you know for sure?

I want to take Cai to this trainer to work on some of his issues but the problem is, is that I have heard good things about him and bad things so I don't know how to judge a good dog trainer . It's like everything else, ask ten different people get 10 different opinions. Also, for the people who do schutzhund and protection with there dogs would it best to do something like this with my dog to help control his aggression issues towards strangers?
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Old 09-02-2006, 09:46 PM
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A trainer near me trains aggressive dogs in bite work to teach them control over thier mouth, when and where to bite and when not to. It seems to work very well for her. She also won't take on just any dog. The owner has to take obedience training first and their dog must be able to SIT and Stay.

Easy huh, just sit. Most dogs can do that. However can your dog sit and stay in the middle of a squirrel chase? Can he sit and stay when guests come over? Can he sit and stay off leash outside no matter what the distraction? Every time?

Not so easy for most owners. Can be done, but takes work. Personally i love this requirement and think it should be present in every bite work training program. Dog can't sit and stay, can't train in protection.

Unfortunetly lots of places don't have requriements and the results are not pretty.

So I guess the short answer would be, it might help you and your dog, IF you find the right trainer and IF you have excellant obedience control over your dog first. Bite work is serious business. It's not purely positive and you can't be afraid to give your dog a heck of a correction or to use an ecollar. Fun for the dog? Sure. But teaching a dog to bite means you gotta have control at all times. Plus, it may not even be an option if your dog has no drive.

Anyway, how do you tell a good trainer? Work with him for a session and form your own opinion. You may get along great or you may not. How is your dog reacting? Is he relaxed and learning? Relaxed dogs that are willingly participating in the session is a mark of good trainer.
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