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Old 08-22-2006, 01:01 AM
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But her idea is that a click from a door, or a click from a lamp will get them confused with the clicker for training. Any thoughts on that?
None what so ever. LOL. I think the clicker is so distinctive and rather loud that they will not be confused. I wouldn't give it a second thought...never had any confusion with my dogs.

One thing to be careful about is clicking the clicker by accident. Sometimes when you're holding it, it just goes off. LOL. Always, always give a treat following no matter what. Even if the dog is engaging in some behavior you don't want. Treat anyhow, otherwise you lose your prime and the meaning of the clicker. You can always go back later and fix that behavior which you just reinforced.

The only time I correct him is I see him in action
If you're trying to stop him in mid stream, interrupt him when you catch him in the act, by giving a mild, "eh" or "woops" that's OK. (IMO) If you're startling, making him nervous, scolding him, intimidating him, it is not a good idea for the reasons I mentioned. In addition to those reasons, punishment can make the dog perceive it as going to the bathroom is scary and he shouldn't go to the bathroom. He is not distinguishing that he shouldn't go in the house. Just...going to the bathroom is not a safe thing to do. So, he holds it better next time, maybe won't go when you take him outside...holds it until he can't anymore and then goes somewhere else, where he can hide it.

Aversive punishment has no place in training/teaching IMO. There are way too many side effects. It is not necessary in order for the dog to learn. If he is making mistakes, it means he doesn't understand yet...has not had enough of a history of reinforcements for going outside or he's not quite physically mature enough. So punishment makes no sense to him. It just makes you scary to him and not to be completely trusted. It's hard on your relationship.

Six months is not that old. It's really about average for this. My Dobe didn't get it reliable till he was about 10 months. He was a late bloomer. LOL. Other dogs I've had got onto it within a month or two and everything inbetween. So, they do vary a lot. When Lyric would have an accident, I was MAD! Mad at myself for not watching him closely enough. I corrected myself...gave myself a good talking to. LOL.

I'm starting to hijack my own thread LOL
LOL! That was good!
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Old 08-23-2006, 05:14 AM
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I'd encourage you to give clicker training a try. If you have a problem with the clicker itself, you can also use a reward word or sound (something distinct that you wouldn't normally say in that way .. not "good dog" because that's too generic .. I use "YESSSS!" as my reward marker, and I say it in a happy excited voice with the "SSS" drawn out).

The concepts of clicker training can be used the same with or without the clicker. You give your reward marker (click or sound or word) at the exact time your dog does the behavior you like, then you follow that with a reward (treats are quick and easy).

I've worked with thousands of dogs and other animals and have yet to find one that doesn't respond to this method. If there's a problem, it's pretty much always in the delivery of the reward marker and/or reward - and that's a human error, not an animal error! I trained one of my cats to do all sorts of behaviors using this method. He thought it was great.

Good luck, and I hope you give this a try!

Melanie and the gang in Alaska
Trick and Tori (GSD's)
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Old 08-24-2006, 02:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Doberluv
I'm also writing a book. It will be very expensive if it is published and it will rival in size to newest Webster's dictionary. (just kidding) I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
Keep it simple Doberluv. Nothing over 10,000 pages, lol .
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