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Old 08-16-2006, 10:58 AM
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Default Additional Advice

Hey guys, I could use some additional assistance with our new dog Delilah.

We have two dogs. Delilah, who is a 10 month old, spayed Collie mix who we have had for about 2 months now. We also have Mazie, who is 6 year old Terrier mix that is spayed as well. We have had her for about 5 years.

Mazie is very timid and submissive and Delilah has been in a shelter so she is very well socialized around other dogs. Problem is, Delilah is still trying to assert herself as the dominate dog. She will constantly walk in front of Mazie and sometimes appear to herd her to a different direction. She will eat out of her bowl and drink from her water bowl. We thought this might due to the type of bowls but we switched bowls and moved them further apart and still she eats out of her bowl. She also still stares at Mazie, not as much as before but still does. She has also began whining when she stares at Mazie and I have little idea at what she might be whining at.

Anytime Mazie moves or walks around, Delilah is right in her face trying to block her or possibly herd her to another direction. Every now and then Mazie will let out one loud bark to Delilah and Deliah will go and sit down.

I have tried positioning myself between the dogs and forcing Delilah away. I have tried diverting her attention with a toy and chew bones. I have tried removing to her to another room when she exhibits this behavior and I have had very little success. Alot of people have told me that it may take two dogs quite some time to get along but I'm not sure if I should allow this to continue.

I've had some success in teaching Delilah to sit and stay but I realize she needs some additional training. I need to know of some techniques that I can try to break her of some of this behavior.
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Old 08-17-2006, 07:52 AM
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