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Old 08-08-2006, 01:11 AM
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I have 2 standards. Farley is 7 yo and Chloe is 5 yo. After getting Farley I soon realized how much I absolutely love the breed and wanted another one!

- Do they get along with other pets/small animals if raised with them? Or do they have a high prey drive? My 2 were raised with my cats and they were fine in the house with them. Having said that though, one of my cats used to go outside sometimes and if the cat ran the chase was on. I don't think the dogs would have ever hurt him and were just playing but the cat never chanced getting caught and would quickly go up a tree.

- How often do you bathe them?
They go to the groomer every 8 wks. If they happen to get muddy in between times I find once they dry it very easily brushes off.

- How obedient are they?
Out of all the dogs I have had over the years this breed has been by far the easiest to train. They are very intelligent which has its good points and its bad points. Farley has figured out how to do things that none of my other dogs would have figured out in a million years.

-Do all poodles get "eye-gook"
Both of mine do. Chloe's is very minimal and just in the corners of her eyes and comes off very easily. Farley has allergies and his eyes need to be cleaned with a warm, wet washcloth each day.

- Can a poodle be trusted off leash (to a point).
With appropriate training they can be outside off leash with supervision. Again having said that and being the worrywart that I am there are places that I personally wouldn't take the chance.

- Any good or bad points you can share?
My 2 haven't met a person or a dog they don't like. My 2 have been fantastic with my grandchildren. They love to play fetch, swim, chase squirrels and snuggle with me. They are pretty much up for whatever you want to do. They are wonderful companions and comediens in a fursuit!
They do need to be clipped on a regular basis but I keep mine in a short clip which only requires clipping every 8 wks and is very easy to maintain between groomings. No shedding all over the house is also a big plus!

-Do you own a toy, mini, or standard poodle? And why did you choose that size?
Mine are standards. I have always been drawn to the larger breeds. After having had Great Danes the standards don't seem big to me but to others they do.
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