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Old 09-09-2006, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by JLRESQ View Post
We are looking at buying two Siberia Husky female pups as family pets. We have read that they have a tendencey to run away. As a result, my wife is concerned that we would never be able to keep the dog off a leash other than when roaming in our fenced in yard. Is it really true that, no matter how trained, Huskies should never be off a leash and is their propencity to run (ie. run away) so strong that it should deter someone from getting them? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
This would be true for all dogs who aren't trained properly. Most would say if you trained your dogs, well, that any breed could be trusted off-leash. But, I had one, years ago, and she never left the yard, and I never worried about her being hit by a car, or getting into the neighbors yard, etc, but after 7yrs of never leaving the yard, she chased a rabbit(other small animal) into the road, and was hit by a was horrible. She was killed instantly, and we were devestated.....we thought she was trained, and thought she would be fine, but one night, she was let out to use the bathroom, and she didn't come back....I wouldn't trust any breed off-leash unless under supervision. Good luck though, if you have a fence, I don't see a problem, but if you plan on taking them near a busy road off-leash, I wouldn't do it. Good luck though! Huskies are wonderful dogs.
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Old 09-09-2006, 04:20 PM
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Hmm... ok.

My first Husky loved to run away, but he was always smart enough to come back. We had a privacy fence and he would dig his way underneath it. We would patch the hole and be fine for a while. Then he would dig another and get out. The Weim we had at the time would have followed him but he was too lanky and couldn't get out. Many times we knew when the Husky had left because the Weim would whine so much because he couldn't follow.

Any dog loves to run and get away; I guess a sense of independence and rebellion. He's the cool dog on the block because he got out and the others didn't. Lol, if anything you've got a better chance getting the Husky back; I couldn't believe my first one would come back on his own. It's dangerous though. Depending on the dog's personality and temperment he might want to cause too much trouble and attack and kill things, make messes of people's garbage. You never know.

My Husky that I have now I certainly would not trust being off leash. I know his personality and his temperment and... well, I just wouldn't trust it. He loves to run, loves to explore. But also loves to hunt and kill. He's an absolute sweet heart, but he'll chase down small animals, maybe even large ones, if given the opportunity.

All of my dogs have been crate trained. It's too much of a liability to have them running around the house without a human. Not to mention the fact that it's their own safety from each other. The Weim and the Husky do not get along and to have them out together is just not a smart idea. Plus without proper supervision I know one of the dogs would take the opportunity to mark some territory.

It's not that I don't allow them to sleep with me, it's just sometimes it's better for them not to. I allowed my Weim to sleep with me for too long and now he whines and cries whenever someone leaves or comes home, or even doesn't get his way. He gets tough love, but still has plenty of love to dish out.

The Husky loves his kennel. He crawls in there whenever he's tired, or hot. It's a nice cool, dark place for him to take a nap. Sometimes I'll realize "hey... where's my dog?" And he has just choosen on his own to lay in his cage. I have to coax him just to come and lay out on the carpet or the couch.

If you look at kennels in a negative aspect you're going to resent them. But if you use them as a training tool, and even a safety precaution it'll work out the way it's supposed to.
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Old 09-14-2006, 05:30 AM
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its not so good to bying 2 females. they can fight. (but not all females fights)
I own a purebred siberian husky female and she is lovley.
and she can live with a other female but when we are out and meet other
female dogs so will they bite my girl.
my s.husky girl not bite them. she is not intresst of them. so she go away from them. she not like to fight all.
s.husky have tendency to run away.
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